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We are thrilled to welcome you as one of the pilot testers of the Enabled.vip platform.

Gerard Nelson and Dr Gary Allen

We are thrilled to welcome you as one of the pilot testers of the Enabled.vip platform. As you know, during the six month test you won’t pay joining, membership fees or for ten hours of mentoring. The flip side is that you will provide us feedback on the platform, help us spot and fix bugs, glitches or any problems with our business process.

For you, you will be receiving around $1600 of services for free. For us, you will be helping us to finetune the platform, with a view to us launching nationwide in 2022.

We are incredibly excited to be at this stage in the development of the Enabled.vip platform. We are even more excited to assist you towards your entrepreneurial goals and potential.

As you know, we will be assisting members to:

(i) Monetise a hobby/craft;
(ii) Establish a gig-based micro-business; or
(iii) Establish a small business.

We are in the process of meeting with you all to orientate you to the platform. In about a week we will start following up with you all to finetune our understanding of your goals and needs.

Towards the end of July, we will be holding our first webinar. This will be followed by a webinar every month. We will also be producing a blog post every month, as well as a quarterly eNewsletter, called Tilting at Blazing Windmills (it’s a Don Quixote thing).

Available through the website currently:

1. The Resource Library – Which is a searchable library of resource items that we hope will be useful for your pursuit of your entrepreneurial goals and potential. The contents of the library was curated by experienced businesspeople who live with a disability, with a view to compiling useful information for would-be entrepreneurs who live with a disability. The library is broken up into sections of relevant material. For example, the Gigster section has material most relevant for people who want to establish or operate a gig-based micro business. The library is broken up into some specialist areas, such as –

a. Living well – This is a specialist area with content relating to exercise, mindfulness, work-life balance, diet and yoga. We know this won’t be of interest to everyone. Consequently, the material that appears here won’t appear on the main Resource Library page or homepage. It will appear if you search the website for a relevant term. On your member dashboard page you can specify if you want to receive an alert when a Living Well item is added to the website (which generally happens once per week).

b. Sheets – This is the area where we post our Discussion Sheets and Resource Sheets. These are custom resources we have produced to assist members with your entrepreneurial needs and goals. Not all of these are produced yet, we are currently working on the rest.

c. Policies – Which is where we will post all of the platform’s policies. MinterEllison have kindly provided pro bono legal advice on this material, so we will start uploading them over the coming weeks.

2. The ‘Ask the Tribe’ discussion board – This is the internal discussion board where members can ask and answer questions, share news and encourage each other. Bear in mind, during the pilot test there will only be ten users of the board. Once the platform is launched nationally, we hope it will be much busier.

3. Blog page – This is the page where current and previous editions of the Blog and newsletter will be listed, as well as links to previous editions.

4. Ask your mentor – There is facility to assist you to ask your mentor a question. Your mentor is here to assist you with your entrepreneurial journey. There are no daft questions and it is completely fine to use this facility to brainstorm with your mentor or to seek reassurance about the approach that you are taking.

5. ‘By the Watering Hole’ – This is the area where we will post about the upcoming webinars and in time you will be able to access recordings of previous webinars.

6. Learning Space – This is the area where we will post links to useful online training that is either free or reasonably priced. This is also the area where we will post information, sign up links and attendance links for the micro-courses that will be developed by the Griffith Business School. These will be developed over the coming months. Our hope is to make the GBS courses free for our pilot testers. Whether we can do that depends on how well we do with our fundraising efforts. We will keep you posted.

7. The BAZAAR – This is the online marketplace where you can list your services and products. Our intention is to promote this to Australian businesses and consumers. We probably won’t do that until we have a reasonable number of stalls in the marketplace. Even if you are setting up a small business or are seeking to monetise a hobby/craft a listing in The BAZAAR will be a great and FREE way to promote your efforts.

8. The Feed – This is the free area where we will post news about the platform.

Inspired by our experience to date, we have decided to make a stripped-down version of the platform available to all Australians who live with a disability, their carers and to other Australians with an established interest in disability. We will need funding to tweak elements of the platform to accommodate this. We are busily applying for grants and preparing to reach out to charitable foundations and corporations to seek philanthropic funding to enable us to do that.

If you know an Australian who lives with a disability, who has an entrepreneurial idea, encourage them to contact us by emailing [email protected] or phoning 0436 480 769. If you know anyone else who might have an interest in our work, encourage them to contact us in the same way to explore getting free access to the platform.

Sending us feedback isn’t being critical or negative, it is helping us to refine and improve the platform.

We would be delighted to include feedback and comments from you on the website.

That’s it! So over to you. Please use this platform to explore your entrepreneurial goals and potential.

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Like a lot of people who aren’t narcissists, I am not comfortable speaking about myself, but in this case, it is important to contextualise what Enabled.vip is hoping to achieve.  Perhaps my discomfort is a cultural and class thing, coming as I do from a working-class town in the south of England but I’ll attempt to get over it.  About 15 years ago, I turned a hobby (an interest in the institutional approaches to Human Research Ethics into something that could be monetised) – www.ahrecs.com.  This has grown to the point where we are one of the lead consultancy firms in the Australian Human Research Ethics and Research Integrity space.  During the last 12 months, we have worked in New Zealand and the UK.  In the last few weeks, we have been doing work in Kazakhstan and have quoted a client to do work in Lithuania, which makes us a very small international consultancy firm.  We are a for-profit company that has a strong social media following. During that journey, before it really, I have lived with Progressive MS, I am powered wheelchair mobile, a hoist transfer, confined to bed except for five hours a day and require a fair amount of support.

Listed below will be previous editions of Tilting at Flaming Windmills.