Our Supporters and partners is delighted to be connected and/or partnered with.

Why Support Us is a new Australian not-for-profit with the goal of mentoring and supporting Australians who live with a disability to start a small business, start a gigging micro-business or otherwise engage with the community.  Our great supporter MS Queensland has agreed to receive charitable donations and issue tax receipts on our behalf.  Contact [email protected] for details.

Calling all would-be climbing buddies

Imagine the worst possible time for trying to start a new social endeavour: A global pandemic that is killing thousands and crippling economies, a state poised to head back into lockdown, following a destructive bush inferno.  While at the same time nuclear powers play a frightening games of chicken.  Ummm ok, now if not a great time to be asking, but we're looking for partners to:

An amputee climbing a mountain silhouetted against a dramatic sky
A smiling Asian man with thick glasses in a wheelchair in front of his work mates

Trusts, Foundations and Donors

If you are looking for a disability initiative to support is a way to transform the lives of everyday battlers.  We'd be thrilled to catch up to discuss how you can get involved.

Corporate Engagement

Interested in partnering in mentoring, offering a corporate scholarship, or partnering on a grant application?  Please contact us to discuss.

Man wearing a suit in a wheelchair, shaking the hand of a business woman

Make a contribution today

Please contribute to our GoFundMe campaign to help us raise the funds we need to build the platform.