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When you're in the thick of setting up and operating a new endeavour every problem or setback can be overwhelming.  This week's Living Well item is about taking out moments to step back, reflect on the bigger picture and using a little self-talk. More
As someone who gets around in a wheelchair and spends most of his day sat up in bed, Gary read this with a fair degree of resignation.  Fortunately, for the last few years, a physio has him on a daily routine of stretches a physical trainer and a weekly rigorous upper body stretch. It isn't especially comfortable, but he knows it's good for him.  This week's Living Well item talks about what you should do something similar, even if all you do is sit in a desk chair most of the day. More
This week's Living Well item includes 21 fantastic quotes that, if applied, could change your life, your approach to challenges you face and how you treat the people around you.  A great and valuable read. More
This week's fantastic Living Well item offers simple but great advice.  At least two members of our Advisory Board include intense exercise in our weekly routine.  Gary in his carers, has a talented vegetarian cook who cooks his meals for the week and freezes them for reheating across the week. NDIS pays for his time with Gary as a care support. Gary also uses his plan to pay for an exercise trainer to assist him with his daily stretching and exercise. More
This week's terrific Living Well item reflects on a reality that we all know but can kid ourselves to ignore.  What we do with our weekends can have a massive impact on our lives seven days per week and 52 weeks a year.  This item suggests a few simple ways to do the right thing with our weekend to set us up well for life. More
We greatly enjoyed this week's advice in the Living Well section, which we feel all of us should aspire to, as a blueprint to living a fuller and richer life.  Enjoy a peaceful and reaffirming weekend. More
Sleep is so incredibly important for good health, mental acuity and energy. These matters are especially important for many disabilities.  An awful reality that doesn't help you sleep faster or better. We know this from personal experience.  This week's Living Well item is a piece that suggests an approach that you may find useful. More

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