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This course is another offering through the LinkedIn Premium package.  It was created and then modified at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to assist workers in the 'regular workforce" to setup their workspace and time, as well as to stay connected to their work team.  But it contains ideas that will be helpful for members of the platform, in terms of setting up you workspace, configuring your work day and on engaging with your clients.. More
When we think about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur/run a successful money-generating endeavour we don't often think about the soft-skills associated with such undertakings.  This piece provides a great summary of those skills you will require.  Being a member of the platform will provide training, mentoring, peer support and activities to help you develop and refine those skills. More
There is a lot on the internet, a lot of trivial and distracting noise, which can make it hard for a single item to stand out and be noticed.  Nuts politicians, conspiracy theory influencers and shock-jocks achieve that with radical clickbait that is way out on the fringe.  But that isn't the way to build a robust and enduring money-generating endeavour.  Instead, you need to cultivate a content writing approach, where you cultivate and build a reputation for your regular and consistent commentary on a topic.  Make that your brand and you will grow a loyal following.  This item has some useful suggestions about such a growth strategy. More
It's not hard to find online free learning websites which offer the opportunity for useful learning (albeit often behind a data wall that requires you to create a login and provide your email address).  Which should not be read as meaning its easy to find quality offerings. This item suggests somer useful options. More
Procrastination can be the dispiriting hole into which we pour our plans, dreams and aspirations.  It can undermine your intention to learn new and hard things. But you don't have to let your mindset and habits dictate your chances of success. They are after all only in your head.  This fantastic item has some very useful suggestions. More
It turns out the expression, "You learn something new every day" isn't quite as trite as we might have thought or something we should dismiss so easily.  We really enjoyed this podcast.  It has an important message: Learning something new is incredibly good for you.  It is part of the thinking that underpins the platform.  Undertaking something new is an incredibly constructive and positive way to approach your disability.  More
You are getting lots of visitors to your website.  Great!  But how many are actually making a purchase or engaging you?  This is otherwise known as a conversion.  How strategic are you being with conversions and/or any friction points holding you back?  This Fiverr Learn course covers the basics and includes some excellent tips. More

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