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There is absolutely no reason why Queenslanders who live with a disability cannot use this scheme to upskill so as to set up or operate their own money-generating endeavour. More
This is another great paid course from the good folk at Fiverr.  Building and maintaining a profile and reputation online is such an important part of operating a money-generating endeavour.  This fantastic, and relatively cheap, course will set you off in a constructive and positive path.  As we have mentioned before for members with an NDIS plan, a good tip would be to describe this as 2.3 hours with a blog expert (or $16.52/h). More
Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool for getting terrific results for your photo editing and image manipulation.  But it is far from an easy or intuitive tool to use.  This relatively cheap Photoshop course gives you a handle on the basics and an introduction to using Photoshop well. More
Totem is a completely free and open learning platform.  Such an approach is always good.  It's even better here, because it's a great course and a topic important for online living in the 21st Century. More
The Australian government offers some incredibly helpful webinars, online events and training for small and micro business operators (most are free or relatively cheap).  These should be regarded as complements nor alternatives to the offerings provided by the platform. More
This isn't a cheap course, but it provides an incredibly helpful foundation for creating and growing an online profile.  This is an incredibly important skill for operating a money-generating endeavour.  If you have an  NDIS plan that doesn't have learning or your endeavour as a goal, this could be described as a 6.5 social connection with an online expert at $23.08 per hour for six hours. More
This is another great online learning opportunity bundled in with premium membership of LinkedIn.  This is a great example of the many advantages of the premium membership of LinkedIn.  We are very happy to catch up with any members (including free Bronze members) of the platform to discuss billing premium membership to your plan. More
For members of the platform's community that use Google Apps#, Google Primer cans be a convenient and free way to learn new business skills.  #Settle down Gary, yes there are members of the community using Google Apps.  No they don't need to hear from you as to why the Apple App Store is better. More

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