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Good listening is a commodity in short supply at the moment.  Good listening doesn't mean that you need to hear in the mainstream way.  Excellent listeners may rely on captioning or Auslan translators, but they still are genuinely interested and engaged with the person they are speaking to.  This excellent piece in Medium has some great tips to help you become a great listener. More
In recent months it felt as though Meta/Facebook has traded useful and free functionality (as well as essential screen real-estate) so that it can peddle us paid advertising.  For long time users, this can be VERY frustrating.  That being said, these free templates can be handy and a timesaver. More
A good and well-maintained email list can be an incredibly useful and powerful business tool, especially if your potential customers were born before 1975 and haven't yet embraced a social media platform. But it is how you create and build your list is incredibly important.  How you do so must be legally compliant, ethical and respectful.  This item by New Light Digital has some great tips. More
We are massive fans of Fiverr and its fantastic service.  It's not only a place where we will help our gigster members to sell their wares and services.  It is also a great place to find what you need for your endeavour.  It is an incredibly cost-effective way to get what you need.  We recommend the Pro Service.  It costs a bit more, but in our experience, the quality of the work is stellar. More
Browser extensions can be important components of your workflow, fun and essential for your endeavour, but it's important to bear in mind crooks, charlatans and other bad actors can sometimes use them to sneak nasties onto your system.  Even if the original item is fine, sometimes bad code is hidden in an update.  This WIRED piece discusses strategies to protect yourself. More
This report provides a useful framework for thinking about government strategies, services and plans related to Australians who live with a disability, their carers and the wider disability community.  It is a document that we plan to draw from in future applications for funding.  It is also a useful reference for lobbying attempts with regards to public life currently in Australia. More
Except for narcissists, nearly all of us will at some point in our lives feel as though we don't deserve the positions we find ourselves in and that it is only a matter of time before everyone call us out at a fraud.  Oh, did I mention that we watch a lot of TED Talks? More
A young amputee runner rests her artificial leg against a wooden fence

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