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Businesswoman as a wheelchair user in business company for inclusion concept

Work from home is the new normal as employers struggle to make the daily grind work – ABC News (Daniel Ziffer | January 2022)

For office workers who live with a disability (especially those who have configured their workspace to accommodate their disability) working from home isn’t nicety or luxury it can be the only practical way for them to participate.  The shift reported by this ABC News story further validates the gig and other work done by members of the platform.  We have included links to five related items. 

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Do you know a disabled Australia with a great business idea?

Know someone with a great idea for a business but they have no idea how to pursue it? Are they someone who would benefit from mentoring, peer support and resourcing?

If so, joining the platform might be a great move for them.  Encourage them to contact us at [email protected] or on 0436 480 769.  Supporting people to pursue their entrepreneurial potential is our major focus.

Enlivening Australia’ disability entrepreneurship  potential is great for the financial independence and the social engagement of individuals (and potentially their families).  But it also is a great and constructive move for the Australian economy.

Woman in a wheelchair drawing attention to an issue.

Wheelchairs allowed on planes – a petition by Accessible Accommodation – (Kerry WIlliams | November 2021)

Gary, who is wheelchair mobile, has often flown nationally for business (though his disability and views on climate change have curtailed that these days).  This petition is well worth supporting. A person’s wheelchair is typically configured for their unique needs and set up to keep them safe.  Plane seats aren’t.  Allowing people to use their own chairs would also be a matter of dignity.

A young woman in a wheelchair meeting with two colleagues in an office

Interview recorded

On Thursday, Gary was interviewed was recorded.  This was a lightning (3 minute) talk about disability employment, why disability entrepreneurship is often a rational and important option and what’s happening with the rollout of the platform.

This will be played as part of the exciting THC event being conducted on Wednesday 20 October 2021, from 11am-1pm AEST.

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Register here:

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Employment and entrepreneurism with disability advocate Gary Allen – MS Queensland

With a mind for ethics and a heart for equality, disability-advocate Gary Allen is highly regarded and influential in the employment and entrepreneurial sector. Fighting for the representation and inclusion of people living with a disability, we spoke to Gary about his professional journey, the emerging issues present in Australian society, and his pioneering program Enabled.VIP.


Choosing to define himself by his career, not his MS diagnosis, Gary excelled in his profession and went from working in politics in 1996 to managing the ethics team at Griffith University in 2003. For over 20 years, Gary has now worked in research institutions, state and federal government departments and research ethics committees across Australia, Canada, Vietnam and the United Kingdom. “At the risk of sounding arrogant, there’s probably about three or four people in the country that do the same sort of work I do.” However, leading such a successful professional life whilst living with MS required a level of honesty and vulnerability from Gary in the beginning. “I wasn’t coy about my diagnosis. I know that there are people that have been unlucky with that experience, but I was lucky. Although, when I initially went in for the job interview, I consciously left my cane outside the room. I needn’t have worried though, the university was super cool and very supportive. And they have continued to be along the way.”

A young man helping disabled woman in wheelchair to get into car outdoors

Excited by an upcoming DLI event

On 28 September the Disability Leadership Institute will be hosting a talk by Jannine Williams, who will be sharing information from her latest research on disability entrepreneurship.  This will be followed by Q&A session.

Disability entrepreneurship not only has incredible potential to provide financial independence to individuals (and their families) it can also provide important mental health indignity benefits.  We would also argue that it could be good for the Australian economy.

This is a topic we are excited about and we look forward to hearing the insights Janine gained from her work.  We will consider how her insights can inform and refine our approach to the platform.