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Beyond COVID-19: Will you define the new normal or watch it unfold? – EY (Gautam Jaggi | June 2022)

Given the amount of death and suffering, as well as burden on on essential workers, we have seen, we make this observation carefully, there has been some advantages of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Work from home arrangements often suit the needs of workers with disability and it has demonstrated remote and gig work can get the job done.  The concern is we will snap back and we will discard what we are gained.

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We’ve hit 1,000 followers!

We are excited to report the platform now has 1,000 followers. Thank you everyone who rallied to help us reach this important milestone.  The platform is building toward making a disruptive change to disability employment in Australia.

Part of this is recognising, celebrating and supporting the fact Australians with disability can establish money-generating endeavours. Doing so not only has the potential to provide financial independence, it will deliver increased social engagement, dignity and mental health.

We are still plugging away at fund raising, but we do so elated by the community support we have received.  SO THANK YOU EVERYONE.

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Changing how you think about generating income

For most of us, having to retire from ‘regular work’ means that we will need to change how we think about generating income.  This is also true for people with longterm disabilities who have not been able to engage and remain employed in the Australia workforce.

In the case of ‘regular work’, most of us strive to secure a job that will pay the bills, be rewarding and is respectful/safe. Reality is that many of us will not be able to secure enough income from one source to cover all of our needs.  Instead, we need to be prepared to compile a suite of income sources to get us what we need. Hopefully, all of them should address the respect, dignity and enjoyment criteria.

Our goal is to build and grow a resource library that will assist members to identify and pursue for themselves useful and realistic for their disabilities and capacity.  With the blog and mentoring, we hope to support members to maximise the money they earn from their endeavours.

‘Passion economy’ is the new buzzword that’s shaping the future of work – ThePrint (Utkarsh Amitabh | February 2022)

We have previously posted an item with the admonishment not to pursue your passion as a career.  That notwithstanding, we agree with this item, a really good step being taken by some people who lost their jobs to the pandemic is to set up an endeavour that aligns with your passion.  For Australians with disability, we strongly suggest that your money-generating endeavour is something that you enjoy doing and something that you’re curious about. is here to support you to pursue that passion.  

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Employment Symposium hosted by Blind Citizens Australia (BCA)

The platform is delighted to share this update about an upcoming employment event for women who are visually impaired. It looks like it’s going to be an excellent event and a great profile of the tremendous contribution Australians with disability can make to the wider community and the economy.