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A woman in a wheelchair in a spotlight, performing on a stage.

Reaching out to potential webinar facilitators/speakers

With the fantastic assistance of GBS student intern Kianna Lowe, we have started reaching out to people that would be great facilitators/speakers.  Conversations have already commenced with a couple of them.  

Our plan is to conduct monthly webinars that can be attended by Bronze and full members of the platform.  The last 15 minutes of each webinar will be devoted for Silver and Gold members for a discussion about how an NDIS plan and other sources of support could be used to pursue the matters raised in the webinar.

Our hope is these webinars will be amongst the reasons people will choose to join the platform and remain members.  If you know an Australian who lives with a disability, a carer or other person with an established connection to disability in Australia please encourage them to contact us at [email protected] or phone us on 0436 480 769.

On a white background the words "SEE THE PERSON not the disability"

Our student interns and our next Executive Team meeting

The development work for the platform is supported by two great students from the Griffith Business School who are undertaking important tasks for us:

(i) @Kianna Lowe – Kianna has been recently reviewing our discussion sheets, drafting some new ones and identifying some people who might be useful webinar speakers or blog post authors; and

(ii) @Gabrielle Wilson – Gabrielle has been writing a report on what we will need to do to secure NDIA registration.

Our Executive Team (CEO Dr Gary Allen and Chairperson Gerard Nelson) will next be meeting on Friday 7 July.  Kianna and Gabrielle will be attending this meeting.

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Do you know someone who might like to connect with us?

Do you know an Australian who lives with a disability, or even a carer, or someone else with an established connection to disability in Australia?   Do you think they’d like to connect with us?  Whether as a free Bronze member or as a paid Silver or Gold member.

Encourage them to follow the link below and/or e-introduce them to Gary Allen ([email protected]) so we can discuss how the platform might be able to assist them.

Bronze members can access much of the material on the platform (including our internal discussion board – ‘Ask the Tribe’), including our webinars (which will commence early in 2022).

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Thrilled to be in the latest edition of Centre for Accessibility Australia newsletter

We are thrilled to have a piece about the platform included in the latest edition of the Centre for Accessibility Australia newsletter.

It is a great publication that we encourage all members of our community, followers and partners.  Well done Scott and the team at the Centre.  “Love ya work” and needless to say, we share your passion for accessibility, inclusion, respect and justice.

Do you know an Australian who lives with a disability, a carer or someone else with an established connection to disability in Australia?  Please encourage them to join the platform as a FREE Bronze member.  This will give them access to many features of the platform (Resource Library, discussion board and webinars).

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Great conversations this week

This week, Gary had terrific meetings about the platform:

(i) with Janine Shepherd, talking about the platform, disability entrepreneurship and her philosophy with regards to the challenges of living with disability;

(ii) with Macarla Kerr about Gary being interviewed for the upcoming THC fantastic event; and

Senior artist in a wheelchair drawing vase design with pencil in artwork room at home.

750 more images

We have purchased 750 more images to use across the website and our various areas of activity.

These are currently being sorted into categories and named/tagged for ease of use.

Our plan is that we will use these images on the website, in future editions of Tilting at Blazing Windmills, in our emails, in our presentations and our other activity.

A circular wordcloud around the concept of 'DISABILITY'

Interviewed by MS Queensland

This week, Gary was interviewed by MS Queensland about his experience with employment, Multiple Sclerosis, and disability entrepreneurship.

The interview was a great opportunity to reflect upon what is flawed about the dominant approach to disability employment, how will disrupt it and how people can engage with the platform now.

This recorded interview will be used by MS Queensland during disability awareness week in December 2021…

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Welcome letter

As suggested by a member (thank you @Kausar Sreckov), we are now sending a let on letterhead to new Bronze members of the platform.

Bronze membership is free to Australians who live with a disability, their carers and people with an established connection to disability in Australia.  Bronze members can access most of the content in our Resource Library and can attend most of our webinars.

Know someone who might be interested in becoming a Bronze member?  Encourage them to email us at [email protected] or phone 0436 480 769 to discuss joining the platform for no charge.