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Interviewed by MS Queensland

This week, Gary was interviewed by MS Queensland about his experience with employment, Multiple Sclerosis, and disability entrepreneurship.

The interview was a great opportunity to reflect upon what is flawed about the dominant approach to disability employment, how will disrupt it and how people can engage with the platform now.

This recorded interview will be used by MS Queensland during disability awareness week in December 2021…

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Welcome letter

As suggested by a member (thank you @Kausar Sreckov), we are now sending a let on letterhead to new Bronze members of the platform.

Bronze membership is free to Australians who live with a disability, their carers and people with an established connection to disability in Australia.  Bronze members can access most of the content in our Resource Library and can attend most of our webinars.

Know someone who might be interested in becoming a Bronze member?  Encourage them to email us at [email protected] or phone 0436 480 769 to discuss joining the platform for no charge.

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Are you social? Do you like the idea of disability entrepreneurship?

If you are active on social media and like the idea of disability entrepreneurship, please follow us on your preferred social media platform – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

It would be great if you could post a link to us, a comment and a review (hopefully positive) about us.  Such activity should boost our standing with the platform.  This would be incredibly helpful and greatly appreciated.

Know an Australian who lives with a disability, a carer or person with an established connection to disability in Australia?  Encourage them to join the platform as a Bronze member (which is free), which would give them access to the majority of our resources and allow them to attend our monthly webinars.

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Deferring the start of our monthly webinars

Part of the platform includes conducting monthly webinars for members.  These will be a combination of people with great insights, knowledge and tips, as well as people with inspiring stories, coupled with experts in the NDIS (we expect a large proportion of our members will have an NDIS plan).

Based on our experience to date, we have decided to defer the start of our webinars until the coding and membership categories have been updated to include free members from the community#.

At this stage, we anticipate the coding work will be done within a month…

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Very short animation

We have scripted a <10-second animation focussed on our logo, to played at the start of our workshops and animations.  We have discussed it with our talented animators, who already have some great ideas. Now, all we need is some revenue to pay for it. It's on our purchase list if we win a grant.

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Wax Lyrical

We are thrilled to share that Gary has been invited to write a piece about the platform for Wax Lyrical.

This is a publication of MindHive, which has a readership of about 10,000. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about the platform and see if we can engage with additional volunteers and funders…

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Webinar speakers

We are continuing to invite guests to facilitate webinars.  We already have a great line up.

If you know someone that would be good for a webinar, interview or panel discussion encourage them to send us an email to [email protected] and we can discuss timing and technical matters.

Potential speakers could be:

(i) A person who has practiced/or is experienced in an area that corresponds to the areas in which we work~;

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Students doing prac with us

We are thrilled to report that doing a work placement with the platform is now listed on the Griffith University Work Integrated Learning board. 

Students will be able to participate in activity in the policy and resource drafting, activity related to fundraising and assisting us with our monthly webinars and blog posts. 

Gary has been employed in the tertiary sector since 1997, so it shouldn’t be a surprise he was enthusiastic about this idea. We are delighted because there might be a few jobs that Gary isn’t trying to do on his own…