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Wax Lyrical

We are thrilled to share that Gary has been invited to write a piece about the platform for Wax Lyrical.

This is a publication of MindHive, which has a readership of about 10,000. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about the platform and see if we can engage with additional volunteers and funders…

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Supporting volunteers EOI

Gary is currently chatting to the electorate office of his Federal MP about an Expression of Interest for a community grant for supporting volunteers. 

This would be a collaboration between the platform and The Hopkins Centre on producing educational and resource material for citizen-scientists (e.g. co-researchers) and members of community reference groups. This is particularly for Queenslanders who live with a disability. 

This is not per se, but it is a useful area of overlap for the Centre and the platform…

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Excitement comes after a disappointment

After yesterday’s disappointing news, we received a terrific input of money this morning.  I hope to be able to share some details about that soon.

So some work commenced today:

Coding the other sections of the platform.
Producing the introducing video inspired by our logo.
Production of a comprehensive marketing plan.
Recording a message to go with our telephone message bank.

To say we are excited to have this work underway would be a MASSIVE understatement.   All of sudden, what felt like an impossible musing, is starting to become a reality.

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Our webinars

This is our plan for future webinars that will be conducted by  These events will last one hour, will be open and free for members of the platform, will be recorded for posting on the web site and will be conducted on a monthly basis.

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Onto the next challenge

Today, we have finished work on the Discussion Sheet about PDFs (including the use of copying and printing protection, as well as the use of redaction).  Now we’re moving on to the sheet about Copy Protection. This series is written for all members regardless of whether they are on an incubator, gigging, hobby, volunteer or lobby arc.

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New resources and policies

This weekend, we’re continuing our work on the resources for members and governance policies.  Our deep desire for the platform is to support members to earn some extra money through establishing a small or micro business, or by monetising a hobby.  We will do that with a combination of:

A resource library that combines in-house produced material and links to external useful material.
Mentors who are experienced business people who live with a disability.
An internal peer discussion board for sharing and encouragement.
A series of webinars with great guest speakers
People can join the platform for $400 (expressions of interest open now) and remain a member for $90. This would be payable through the NDIS, EFT or credit card

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Discussion sheets

This week we finished a discussion sheet about writing, publishing and promoting eBook.  We have just started work about electronic signatures.  There will be around twenty sheets in the Resource Library for members.  These are custom resources written specifically for Australians who live with a disability. Whether you are a would-be entrepreneur, a gister, a hobbyist, a lobbyist or a community volunteer, the Discussion Sheet (EDS) series is one of the advantages of membership.