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A worker in a wheelchair in a carpenters workshop

A new small grant application

Over the weekend, we lodged an application for a small grant. This is a community grant scheme, offered by the Moreton Bay Regional Council. 

If we were successful, this money would be used to help fund our engagement with Griffith University. The work being done by the University includes developing micro-courses for members of the platform, as well as professional development for our mentors. 

It is only a small grant and success is by no means likely, but the input of funding could be very helpful for the development of the platform and its future.

An African-American man in a wheelchair high fives a woman with a desk between them

Finance policy

Yesterday, we drafted our finance plan.  This covered:

1. Billing for services;
2. Overhead saving and use;
3. Honoraria for office-bearers;
4. The purchasing plan;
5. Authorisations; and
6. Reporting and auditing…