News Tag: Tilting at Blazing Windmills

A silhouette of a man with an artificial leg backlit by a dramatic dawn.

Monthly Blog

Yesterday, we produced the first edition of our monthly blog posts. This edition was to welcome our pilot testers. 

Members of the platform will receive new editions every month. This will be a combination of content produced by members of the Advisory Board and guests. This will cover important, interesting, and inspiring topics relating to disability entrepreneurial topics. 

If you know an Australian who lives with a disability, who you think might be interested in the platform, encourage them to email us at [email protected] or phone us on 0436 480 769…

A female carer helping a young man work on a laptop

Resource items

There are currently 81 great items in the Resource Library –  All of them handpicked by our team (that includes experienced business people who live with a disability, scholars and our Chairperson) for Australian entrepreneurs who live with a disability.

This includes 21 Discussion Sheets – 3-6 pages of practical hints and tips written especially for our members.

We are currently adding one resource and one sheet per day, including one Living Well item per week…

A graphic of a woman in a wheelchair and a windmill with the blades on fire with the words "TILTING AT BLAZING WINDMILLS"

Masthead for our newsletter

Every quarter, we will be sending a newsletter to members via email. The title of this publication will be ‘Tilting at Blazing Windmills’. 

The Quitoxic title owes much to Gary’s affinity to the Don Quixote story, as well as its links to the excellent Sorkin series The Newsroom. 

We commissioned the masthead through a Fiverr Pro. We are delighted with what he came up with. We would value your thoughts as well.