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Is there an issue you would like to see discussed?

Are you an Australian with a disability?  Do you have a question about disability entrepreneurship, establishing a money-generating endeavour or a question about the platform?  We would be thrilled to hear from you and will endeavour to address your question in a blog post or in this newsfeed.  

The whole point of the platform is to assist Australians with disabilities to establish and operate a money-generating endeavour (or a suite of income sources).  So we would value hearing form you to help us ensure that we are providing the information and advice our member community wants and needs.  

We now have a few volunteer blog post writers who will assist us with the writing of the requested blog posts.   

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Our recent scheduled participation in a Mable small business networking event

On 31 May 2022, our CEO Gary Allen was due to speak for about 10 minutes about 10 minutes about disability entrepreneurship, the platform and how interested people can get involved.  The event was organised and hosted by the disability service Mable.  The late afternoon event was opened by our Patron Dinesh Palipana OAM.

Unfortunately, some technical gremlins (despite the best efforts of Mable) made Gary’s participation impossible,

Mable kindly offered to distribute material by email.  Gary urged attendees to write blog posts, present at webinars and become mentors for the platform.  There was a great deal of interest in the platform and the transformative potential of disability entrepreneurship.

We aim to include the material here in due course.

Do you know someone with a disability who wants to set up a money-generating endeavour?  Encourage them to complete the form below.  Or contact us at [email protected] or phone us on 0436 480 769 if they have any questions. There is free Bronze membership if they want to get a sense of our services.

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What is a micro-business?

Around 25% of Australian businesses are micro-businesses.  A micro-business can be characterised by having an annual turnover of less than $2 million and less than 15 employees.  Often those people work less than a full span of hours and don’t draw a regular salary from the business.  In many cases, micro-businesses are often owned and operated by a single self-employed individual with no supporting employees.  Examples of such operations include freelance consultants, designers, writers, web developers, life coaches, and self-employed personal trainers.

A gig-based micro-business is based on pursuing and undertaking short-term and relatively small jobs.  Often, the motivation is to occasionally earn some extra money, not build a thriving and expanding business.  A gig-based approach to operating a micro-business can better suit the realities and limitations of working with a disability.  It can also be an agile and flexible way to pursue your potential – especially for people who had to retire from regular employment because of their disability.

Strengths of establishing and operating a micro-business are:

(i) They require a minimum of setup and operational costs (we will discuss this in a separate post).

(ii) You are not trapped working in a toxic situation where you are not respected or valued.

(iii) You can set up your workspace, hours, role and jobs to suit your needs, potential and goals.

(iv) You can decide how to build your brand and portfolio of clients.

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We have started receiving EOIs from volunteers

Recently, the popular online job service SEEK accepted the platform as a not-for-profit social enterprise, which was fantastic news.  This allows us to list calls for volunteers on their community board without any cost.  And we have already started receiving some terrific Expressions of Interest, which is incredibly exciting!

The opportunities we listed on SEEK’s community board are:

(i) Writing a blog post;
(ii) Presenting a webinar: and
(iii) Being a mentor

We’ve already received EOIs for all three, which we will start reviewing now.  We couldn’t be more excited about this latest step in the development of the platform.

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A terrific and very affirming chat with Laura

Recently Gary met with a new supporter, follower and new Bronze member of the platform, Laura.  She lives with a disability and has a very impressive son who lives with a disability and is a very active disability entrepreneur.

They had an excellent conversation about disability entrepreneurship, the platform and dignity.  It was a very affirming conversation, which was that we are on the right track and the platform’s services will be filling a genuine need.  We hope to be able to publish blog posts by Laura and her son.

Do you know someone who wants to monetise a hobby/craft, hopes to establish a gig-based micro business, or that hopes to establish a small business?  Please encourage them to email us at [email protected] or to phone us on 0436 480 769.  Alternatively, they could fill out the form below.

Australians with a disability, their carers and people with an established connection to Australian disability can join the platform for free as Bronze members.  These free members can access most of the platform’s resource material and attend our webinars.

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We are currently exploring eligibility for the In a IAGP grant

We have recently reached out to the In a Good Place (IAGP) program to explore whether we should submit an Expression Of Interest.  The IAGP has a particular focus on regional and remote Australia, as well as supporting a direct focus on strengthening the mental health and wellbeing of vulnerable community members who are at risk of, or are experiencing mental health issues.  Our idea is to create a node of the platform focused specifically on this cohort.

Our thought is to have resources, blog posts and webinars/online events focused on the needs of this vulnerable group.  We are conscious of the intersectionality of social exclusion, prejudice and discriminatory barriers that disabled Australians face.  These can undermine dignity, self-worth and mental health.  Without adequate support services (especially for people already living with mental health issues) the situation can be unacceptable.

The idea of creating this node is pretty exciting, as is the prospect of connecting with other social enterprises in this space.

UPDATE 08/05/2022 – Sadly, because we are an individual private company, we have been advised we are not eligible,

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Prac listings for Trimester 2, 2022

Recently we submitted the paperwork to list the platform for Griffith Business School student intern placements at the platform.  These will be building upon the excellent work done by our student interns (Kianna Lowe and Gabrielle Wilson).  They set a high bar to match but we hope to have a couple more student interns working with us.

This time, the student interns will be working on:

(i) Policy – Updating our policies, in preparation for us submitting for NDIA registration.  Then shepherding our application through the process to obtain NDIA registration.

(ii) Marketing – Drafting blog posts, and resource items and assisting with our webinars.

We are excited by the prospect of working with two Griffith University student interns and look forward to seeing what they come up with.

For members of the platform’s Advisory Board our Griffith University staff members, so we are delighted to be able to offer a couple of students practical experiences, while we benefit from their enthusiasm and contribution.

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394 resources and free access

Including the 14 resources we have scheduled and 47 Living Well items, we have 391 items in our curated Resource Library.  These hand-picked and excellent items will help members establish and operate their money-generating endeavour.

Paid and free members can access the items in the library.  There are a few items that are limited to Silver and Gold members of the platform.  In addition to the Resource Library, free members can access our webinars, blog and newsletters.  A link to express an interest in becoming a member is below.

Australians who live with a disability, their carers or people with an established connection to disability in Australia can join the platform as Bronze (free).