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A woman wearing a hijab in a wheelchair talking on a mobile phone

A set of icons

Further to our previous post, our animator has provided us with a set of twelve icons for the platform.

These will be used for the three animations currently under development, as well as in our upcoming infographics and across our website.

The website changes will be made at the same time we post the animations.

A young man in a wheelchair in an open-plan space smiles at the camera

Marketing/brand plan

Through Fiverr, we commissioned a professional to produce a marketing/brand plan for the platform.

This covered the three audiences that we will need to connect with:

1. Australians who live with a disability who want to pursue their entrepreneurial potential and ideas;

2. Experienced business people and other practitioners who are potential mentors; and

3. Businesses and consumers who might use the platform’s virtual marketplace (The BAZAAR) to locate services offered by Australians who live with a disability…

An industrial picture of a director using his hands to frame a view

Meeting with our web developer

Today, Gary is meeting with our web developer to confirm our needs for:

1. The membership system (including the automated link to the NDIS)
2. The ‘Ask the Crowd’ internal discussion board
3. The ‘By the Creek’ webinar and event space
4. ‘The BAZAAR’ virtual market place
5. The ‘Ask your Mentor’ web form

Part of this exercise will be confirming the remaining cost to enable (pun definitely intended) the necessary functionality to be produced so we can run a pilot test with 10 Queenslanders.

A guy working from wheelchair on some wood.

Excitement comes after a disappointment

After yesterday’s disappointing news, we received a terrific input of money this morning.  I hope to be able to share some details about that soon.

So some work commenced today:

Coding the other sections of the platform.
Producing the introducing video inspired by our logo.
Production of a comprehensive marketing plan.
Recording a message to go with our telephone message bank.

To say we are excited to have this work underway would be a MASSIVE understatement.   All of sudden, what felt like an impossible musing, is starting to become a reality.

World Spine Day graphic

World Spine Day

Today is World Spine Day.  Chronic illnesses of the spine and traumatic injuries to the spine can be debilitating and impact upon every facet of daily life.

But it doesn’t have to limit capacity, contribution, passion or potential.

Too often it can be associated with isolation, blocked participation and wasted opportunity.

Sadly it can be the attitudes, disregard and labelling that can be the worst source of disability…

A cartoon silhouette of a man in a wheelchair with his arms raise

Ways in which can help: Advocating for constructive change

Is there a matter in science, government/the public sector or business where you feel there needs to be constructive change?  Do you want to start a community movement, but you have no idea where to start? can help.  The platform team includes people who have been involved in successful community and departmental campaigns and can share constructive ideas…

A woman in a wheelchair busy on a laptop

Ways in which can help: Become a gigster

Did you have to retire from work because of your disability, but still have marketable skills?  Or could you otherwise do work on a gig basis?

A disability/chronic condition doesn’t need to limit skills/knowledge or contribution, but isolation and lack of support often can. offers an innovative alternative.

Grinning bearded guy in a wheelchair, watches something on his tablet.

Proposal with regard to Fiverr

Today our executive team sent a proposal to the great platform Fiverr.  It discusses how the two will work together to deliver an amazing service for Australians who live with a disability, but would also see the pending sections built.  Fiverr was the inspiration for Gary’s ideas for the platform so we are really excited by the prospect of collaborating.

A woman in a wheelchair busy on a laptop

Meeting with Fiverr tomorrow

Tomorrow is meeting Fiverr to discuss the interface between the BAZAAR and Fiverr.  While we have come up with a strategy for the interface, it will be terrific to explore options.  We love and regularly use Fiverr, so it’s fantastic to learn they have a disability team.

"It's a deal". A woman in a wheelchair, shakes the hand of another woman over a desk

New web host is live!

We are excited to report that is now all uploaded to our new server.  You shouldn’t notice any differences except the load speed will be faster and it will cope better with streaming videos.  Today Gary also met with the THC research team to discuss his other passion, human research ethics.