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An Asian vision impaired woman walking along the street with a stick.

Started work on the ‘Taking things to the next level’ discussion sheet

We have started work on the next discussion sheet which is, Taking things to the next level.

This will cover why it is good practice to aspire to take endeavours to the next level, approaches to planning, suggested progression and drawing upon the good practice of others.

We hope to finish that work in the next few days and we will post an alert once we have uploaded it.

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Finalising Discussion Sheet about ‘sticky’ endeavours

We are currently proofreading the new Discussion Sheet about making your endeavour sticky.’

Gary worked on this sheet because he’s a bit obsessed with the topic and believes it is an essential component of making a good endeavour great.

The term “sticky” refers to many things, but essentially they refer to maximizing your connection to customers, the value of a single order and building an income stream…

A woman with an artificial arm, sat upon the floor in a meditative pose

Finalising our NDRP grant application

Over the last few days we have been compiling information about the previous research that our NDRP grant would build upon and collecting quotes for the services it would fund.

If this grant application is successful it would further embed research and data collection into the operation of the platform.  It will ensure our service delivery and support of clients will be evidence-based.  Importantly, this grant would allow us to collect evidence as to the value of entrepreneurship for Australians who live with a disability.

So lots of positive thoughts our into the universe or prayers (depending on your spiritual or theological beliefs) until further notice.

Man in wheelchair with his carer having fun while using tablet at the park

A discussion sheet about being “a sticky business”

Gary has started a discussion sheet about positive and constructive approaches to make the relationship between your revenue-generating endeavour ‘sticky’.  We aren’t talking about the psychological hacks some social media platforms, but something less insidious, intended to build a long-lasting constructive connection to your customers.

This is the approach Gary has tried to take with his own company, AHRECS.

The drafting is likely to take a couple of weeks.  We’ll keep you posted.

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Very short animation

We have scripted a <10-second animation focussed on our logo, to played at the start of our workshops and animations.  We have discussed it with our talented animators, who already have some great ideas. Now, all we need is some revenue to pay for it. It's on our purchase list if we win a grant.

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Living well section

Our living well section covers matters such as resilience, work-life balance, mindfulness, pets and meditation.  Even though we are keen on the value of these topics,  we know it comes down to personal philosophy and choice.  Consequently, items in this area do not appear elsewhere in the site.

In the Members’ Admin Panel you can specify whether you want to be alerted when these items are loaded to the site.

These matters aren’t essential for setting up your endeavour, but we suggest they will help you be healthier, happier and more grounded.

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Special area for sheets

Our Resource Library now includes a specialist area where we will only post our sheets (discussion sheets and resource sheets).

These are the in-house resources we are producing for members of the platform.  They contain tips, ideas, warnings about trips and traps, as well as useful links.

Our hope is these tailored resources will provide essential guidance and support for aspiring disability entrepreneurs.