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We are a bit excited but you may not have noticed

The editor we use for News/Feed items, as well as Resources, has recently been updated so we can insert a preview of a linked item.

We (OK, mostly Gary) are internet nerds, so we’re quite excited about this new functionality. In that it allows visitors to see a preview of what they will be accessing. WE DID WARN YOU it was nerdy.

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Copywriting discussion sheet

We recently completed the Discussion Sheet about copywriting. 

This sheet includes tips about technique, practice and proofreading. 

Another great sheet in the inhouse suite of resources and another great reason to become a member of the platform…

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Contact Management discussion sheet

This week we drafted the Discussion Sheet about Contact Management. This refers to interactions with clients, followers and the wider community.

The Discussion Sheet refers to frequency and content. It also discusses maintaining records and information about your contacts.

This sheet is part of the suite of inhouse resources we are producing for users of the platform. Our hope is these sheets and the other features of the platform will make attractive to would-be entrepreneurs.

A graphic with the words "DISABILITY IS NOT INABILITY"

New images

Yesterday, we added ten images from iStock and ten images from Shutterstock to our image library.

These are great disability-related images to use for our News Feed, Resource Library and otherwise on our platform.

These are royalty free images that we have purchased. Our intention is to post them and allow them to be used for disability purposes on other websites.

A woman wearing a hijab in a wheelchair talking on a mobile phone

A set of icons

Further to our previous post, our animator has provided us with a set of twelve icons for the platform.

These will be used for the three animations currently under development, as well as in our upcoming infographics and across our website.

The website changes will be made at the same time we post the animations.

A young woman with Down Syndrome holding a sign that reads "WE NEED A CHANGE"

Queued items for the Resource Library and newsroom

Yesterday, we confirmed a number of items for posting to the site.  These all fell within the following categories:

* Resources that can be used by members in their endeavours (such as tips and templates)
* News and views
* Academic papers
* Lifestyle stuff (anything esoteric we think might be helpful/interesting)

Our plan is, once we commence the pilot with 10 Queenslanders, one new item will be posted every day.

Keyboard, where the enter key has been replaced with a coloured key with the disability icon

Update on our discussion sheets

This week we finished work on the discussion sheet about creative commons. Next we are moving on to working on a sheet about the valuable role of community of practice and the role we can all play in promoting good practice.

The sheet will include handy tips on how you can use your hobby/craft, gigster of business skills to foster a community of practice, this will draw from Dr Gary Allen’s experience that turned a side-hustle into a multi-national company –…

Two guys, who live with disabilities, meeting at a table

Starting work on a creative commons sheet

We started work today on a discussion sheet about creative commons.

It’s an important area for consumers/clients and creators/sellers.

We have included an important tip in case your work is published.

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Discussion sheet on copy protection

Today we finished drafting the six page sheet about copy protection.

It is one of the 24 Discussion Sheets we are producing in-house for members of the platform.

They provide a suite of practical tips and ideas.  They will assist with the establishment of constructive and sustainable endeavours…

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Earlier this week we applied for a Logan City community grant

Yesterday Gary applied for a community grant offered by Logan City Council.  It’s only a small grant and we may be deemed ineligible, but it would cover some essential set up costs and we hope we have provided a compelling case.

We now have a few applications in play,  which would either see all of our setup costs and year one expenditure covered, or us thoroughly disappointed…