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Cleaning out the broken links

Currently, a student intern from the Griffith Business School, Kianna Lowe is currently going through our Resource Library to identify any broken links so that these can be tidied up.  

It isn’t a fun or especially invigorating job, but it is an important one.  It is another job that we don’t need to find extra time to do.  

We really appreciate the hard work of Kianna, the contribution that she is making to the platform and the terrific support that we have received from GBS.  

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Testimonial: Tell us what you think

Do you like what we are trying to set up?  Have you enjoyed reading the resources we have been sharing?  Do you also see the potential benefits of disability entrepreneurship?  If so, we would be thrilled to hear from you.

The website of the platform includes provision for the display of testimonials (from pilot testers, Bronze members, followers and members of the Australian disability community).  We haven’t activated that feature until we have some testimonials to share.

We believe such testimonials are an authentic and powerful demonstration that we are doing something useful.  In addition to being helpful for people considering joining the platform, our intent is to reference them in future grant and philanthropic funding applications.

Are you willing to support us?  Great, if so send us an email to [email protected] or comment on one of our social media posts.

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Glitch with the Resource Library resolved

The technical fault that was causing resource items to display incorrectly has been resolved.  We will resume daily updates to the library today.  We apologise for the interruption in this service.

Finding and resolving such matters are the reason why we have been pilot testing the platform.

Our sincere thanks to our testers and Bronze (free) members, who are helping us make the platform great, solid and useful.  We strongly believe in the principle that services for disabled Australians must have Australians who live with a disability in leadership positions. Our CEO does and Chair person lives with a chronic health condition.

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Our student interns and our next Executive Team meeting

The development work for the platform is supported by two great students from the Griffith Business School who are undertaking important tasks for us:

(i) @Kianna Lowe – Kianna has been recently reviewing our discussion sheets, drafting some new ones and identifying some people who might be useful webinar speakers or blog post authors; and

(ii) @Gabrielle Wilson – Gabrielle has been writing a report on what we will need to do to secure NDIA registration.

Our Executive Team (CEO Dr Gary Allen and Chairperson Gerard Nelson) will next be meeting on Friday 7 July.  Kianna and Gabrielle will be attending this meeting.

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Updates to the Resource Library – Bug

Everything IT is great, until it isn’t.  Over the last few days, a bug in the editor for the Resource Library has been producing items with a garbled format.  So we have decided to suspend the updates until the problem is fixed.

Once again, it isn’t disastrous if problems like this occur now and then.  That is exactly why we are conducting a pilot test of the system.

We will resume adding resources to the site on a daily basis as soon as possible and let you know.  Thank you everyone for the support.  Whatever your spiritual belief, please enjoy a safe and wondrous holiday season.

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Do you know someone who might like to connect with us?

Do you know an Australian who lives with a disability, or even a carer, or someone else with an established connection to disability in Australia?   Do you think they’d like to connect with us?  Whether as a free Bronze member or as a paid Silver or Gold member.

Encourage them to follow the link below and/or e-introduce them to Gary Allen ([email protected]) so we can discuss how the platform might be able to assist them.

Bronze members can access much of the material on the platform (including our internal discussion board – ‘Ask the Tribe’), including our webinars (which will commence early in 2022).

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Updating our sheets based on excellent feedback

One of our interns (@Kianna Lowe) has been providing us with excellent feedback and suggestions for our current sheets (Discussion Sheets, relevant to most members and Resource Sheets most relevant to our Gigster members).  We are currently working through Kianna’s feedback and are in the process of uploading the revised sheets.

She has also done the research work and first drafting for new Discussion Sheets.

The two types of sheets are components of the extra services that we provide to paid members of the platform.

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Thrilled to be in the latest edition of Centre for Accessibility Australia newsletter

We are thrilled to have a piece about the platform included in the latest edition of the Centre for Accessibility Australia newsletter.

It is a great publication that we encourage all members of our community, followers and partners.  Well done Scott and the team at the Centre.  “Love ya work” and needless to say, we share your passion for accessibility, inclusion, respect and justice.

Do you know an Australian who lives with a disability, a carer or someone else with an established connection to disability in Australia?  Please encourage them to join the platform as a FREE Bronze member.  This will give them access to many features of the platform (Resource Library, discussion board and webinars).