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Woman in a wheelchair high-fiving a business woman with a folder

Engagement with Griffith University students

We have been busily setting up connections between the platform and Griffith University.

A PhD candidate based in THC is working with us. We are catching up with her next week to agree on some work projects. In practice, this is likely to be a combination of study time plus research assistant time.

We are also, as part of our connection with the Griffith Business School, will be hosting some undergraduate students as part of the Work Integrated Learning programme. Again we’ll need to settle on the exact projects they will be working on…

Labels about disability sports

Serious incidence

Yesterday, we drafted a short policy and a form for serious incidence.  This includes defining whether individual incidents are serious.

Having this in place is another necessary and important requirement for NDIA registration.

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Music for the animation

In the last few days, Gary selected a royalty-free clip of music to play with our new animation.

Gary also reached out to a copyright holder for a piece of music he hopes to use with other videos (promotional/how-to).

This is another step in the exciting journey towards us doing a pilot launch.

A carer helping a woman in a wheelchair complete a form

Logan Disability Coalition

Earlier this week, Gary remotely attended a meeting of the Logan Disability Coalition to talk about, specifically our plan to conduct a pilot test with 10 Queenslanders.

It was a great experience and a good chance to talk to people familiar with the needs of Queenslanders who live with a disability.

The hope is this contact will generate interest from people who want to join the platform.

We have also applied for a Logan City Community Grant. That money would assist with some setup costs.

A young man in a wheelchair screwing frame together

Very satisfying and fun

It has been very satisfying assembling the platform and a lot of fun.

It feels great to see that our work is now coming together for the pilot with 10 Queenslanders.

This week we have…

Graphic for world Disability Day

World Disability Day – 3 December

Today is World Disability Day.  If you live with a disability… HUZZAH! we are awesome, this is our day and you deserve a treat.  We hope to be able to welcome you into the community.

If you are in a position to do so, please chip in to help with the build of this platform.  Even $10 could be extremely helpful.  Gary turns 50 in a little over a week and he’d be thrilled if you would make a contribution.

Please see if you can get your network to make a contribution.

Enough people making small contributions will get us there.  It also lets us know other people think is a good idea.

A young man in a wheelchair cutting ingredients on a board

Preparing policies

We have completed the preparation of three more operation policies. This is part of the suite of policies we will need in place for registration with the NDIA.

As we have observed before, operationally these policies will undoubtedly prove to be helpful.

It is the kind of in-kind work that is essential for an NDIS service that is ethical and has integrity…

A person in a wheelchair shaking another person's hand

Terrific enthusiasm

We have been receiving very glowing feedback on the frame from the animation currently being produced.

This animation will graphically explain the thinking (and the feeling) that is behind our logo.

We are looking forward to being able to share it with you all.

At the moment, our plan is to use the animation at the beginning of all of our presentations and online ads to promote the platform.