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A woman wearing glasses, with a laptop on her lap and seated in a wheelchair, with her arms spread wide and grinning

Disability employment: An awful reality

Of late, we have shared news stories about both employers seeing the value of engaging staff who live with a disability, as well as people who live with a disability who are enjoying success with an enterprise they have set up. These are things to celebrate and congratulate.

However, that is not the full story. 

Members of the team have heard, and in some cases experienced prejudice and intolerance at work. These can see people unfairly dismissed, bullied or otherwise mistreated…

A graphic about the elements of strong mutually beneficial collaboration.

A great phone chat with Jacqueline Cannon of the Boosting the Local Care Workforce Program

This week, Gary had a great Zoom chat with @Jacqueline Cannon of the BLCW Program.  They discussed the goals and operation of the Program and Platform.  They also discussed synergy and opportunities to collaborate.

Jacqueline was very generous with her time and the two of them discussed the NDIS, the pilot test, our Board, our Patron, Griffith University, Fiverr, funding avenues, student work opportunities and promotional videos.

In short, it was a terrific contact and we plan to continue working together.  So watch this space…

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Disability Leadership Institute

Gary has recently joined the Disability Leadership Institute. It is a great way to network with other disability leaders, hear news and share great tips. 

The DLI is a worthwhile group for anyone interested in advocacy, entrepreneurship and related skills. 

The Institute offers free and cost-effective professional development to its members…

A visually impaired sits with her guide dog, chatting with a friend.

Three new policies

Recently we completed three more governance policies:

1. Partnerships
2. Minimising abuse and harm
3. Promoting positive behaviour

None of these are especially exciting, but it is great to see our governance arrangements coming into place…

An African-American man in a wheelchair high fives a woman with a desk between them

Finance policy

Yesterday, we drafted our finance plan.  This covered:

1. Billing for services;
2. Overhead saving and use;
3. Honoraria for office-bearers;
4. The purchasing plan;
5. Authorisations; and
6. Reporting and auditing…

Woman in a wheelchair high-fiving a business woman with a folder

Engagement with Griffith University students

We have been busily setting up connections between the platform and Griffith University.

A PhD candidate based in THC is working with us. We are catching up with her next week to agree on some work projects. In practice, this is likely to be a combination of study time plus research assistant time.

We are also, as part of our connection with the Griffith Business School, will be hosting some undergraduate students as part of the Work Integrated Learning programme. Again we’ll need to settle on the exact projects they will be working on…

Labels about disability sports

Serious incidence

Yesterday, we drafted a short policy and a form for serious incidence.  This includes defining whether individual incidents are serious.

Having this in place is another necessary and important requirement for NDIA registration.

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Music for the animation

In the last few days, Gary selected a royalty-free clip of music to play with our new animation.

Gary also reached out to a copyright holder for a piece of music he hopes to use with other videos (promotional/how-to).

This is another step in the exciting journey towards us doing a pilot launch.

A carer helping a woman in a wheelchair complete a form

Logan Disability Coalition

Earlier this week, Gary remotely attended a meeting of the Logan Disability Coalition to talk about, specifically our plan to conduct a pilot test with 10 Queenslanders.

It was a great experience and a good chance to talk to people familiar with the needs of Queenslanders who live with a disability.

The hope is this contact will generate interest from people who want to join the platform.

We have also applied for a Logan City Community Grant. That money would assist with some setup costs.

A young man in a wheelchair screwing frame together

Very satisfying and fun

It has been very satisfying assembling the platform and a lot of fun.

It feels great to see that our work is now coming together for the pilot with 10 Queenslanders.

This week we have…