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A man in a wheel, wearing a jacket, working on a computer on a table.

The life changing power of assistive technologies – TED Talks (Jane Velkovski | December 2021)

This great and inspiring TED Talk isn’t about disability entrepreneurship but it is a great example of the transformative potential of assistive technology to enable people who live with a disability to pursue their potential.  In Gary’s case, in addition to his great wheelchair, he uses an over-bed desk and a headset plus chest speaker to supplement his thin voice.  The NDIS is far from perfect (especially during this period of cost cutting), but Australians can be proud to have the scheme, which gives us options far beyond those available in other countries.  Assistive technology can be such a boon to assist you with your endeavour.

Male patient with hearing problem visiting doctor fitting an aid.

A great chat with Kim Prior, candidate for The New Liberals

Yesterday, Gary had a great chat with Kim Prior, The New Liberals candidate for Bonner.

They discussed disability entrepreneurship, the platform, the NDIS and why the dominant approach to disability employment isn’t working.

It was terrific to chat to a politician who seems to ‘get’ the role that the platform can and should be playing nationally.  Gary has already had his first introduction to the parent of a potential member of the platform.

Gary’s working experience and his having friends in low places means he is not intimidated chatting to political candidates, members of parliament, or ministers.  We intend to build upon his level of comfort to widely promote the platform and seek useful connections.


A great meeting with the philanthropic group TDI

On Thursday morning, Gary met with TDi – The Difference Incubator.  It was a great discussion about the platform, supporting disability entrepreneurship, community connections and marketing.

It was an excellent discussion, that covered some extremely useful ideas.  We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity and the valuable discussion.  It was also a welcome affirmation of the concept of a community of practice to support disability entrepreneurship.

Many thanks, @TDI and thank you, Erin!  We hope to continue this exciting collaboration.

Young disabled Asian woman sits on a wheelchair using computer laptop for work at office workplace, look at the camera smiling,

Looking for two more pilot testers

We are excited to report we now have eight pilot testers and we’ve been busily conducting orientation meetings.  Those meetings are to explain our services, discuss their goals and how we could help, and to discuss their needs.  A few times it has been to give them advice with regard to the NDIS.

Our goal is to have ten pilot testers, to give our systems a good test.

Pilot testers don’t pay for our services for six months (including receiving 10 hours of on-call mentoring for free).  In total that’s $1600 worth of services for free.

Do you know someone who wants to monetise a hobby/craft, might be able to conduct a gig-based micro business, or has a burning idea for a small business?  Encourage them to contact us at either [email protected] or 0436 480 769.

A deaf man in a video conference call with friends and colleagues

Plan Managers

Yesterday we sent information about the Pilot Test of the platform to all NDIS Plan Managers.

We are also currently compiling a list of all NDIS Care Coordinators so we can also send them this information. 

This is part of our effort to recruit ten pilot testers to help us identify quirks/bugs or matters that require refinement.

A man in a powered wheelchair at the foot of a steep concrete staircase

NDIS cost-cutting taskforce told to reduce growth in participants and spending – The Guardian ( Luke Henriques-Gomes | April 2021)

When Labor first introduced the NDIS, it put Australia in an enviable position of the first such national insurance scheme for people who live with a disability.

For many of us, it has been very really a life-changer and opens doors of opportunity.

So it is thoroughly disheartening, but not entirely unexpected, that the Federal Government is looking for ways to wind back the scheme and look for ways to save money…

A woman wearing glasses, with a laptop on her lap and seated in a wheelchair, with her arms spread wide and grinning

Disability employment: An awful reality

Of late, we have shared news stories about both employers seeing the value of engaging staff who live with a disability, as well as people who live with a disability who are enjoying success with an enterprise they have set up. These are things to celebrate and congratulate.

However, that is not the full story. 

Members of the team have heard, and in some cases experienced prejudice and intolerance at work. These can see people unfairly dismissed, bullied or otherwise mistreated…