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Pay it forward: Become a mentor

Are you an experienced business person, a successful gig worker or someone who has monetised a hobby/craft?  Irrespective of whether you live with a disability, please pay that experience and success forward by becoming a mentor.

Our experience to date suggests mentoring one person takes a couple of hours per month.  Mentoring is conducted via email and video link/phone.

Contact us at [email protected] to discuss and make a. positive contribution to disability entrepreneurship in Australia.

PS We have resolved the TED Talk and embedded video issue.

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MS Queensland interview

Yesterday, Gary signed off on the write up of his interview by MS Queensland.  It’s looking really good and will be a great promotion of the platform.

Even though the images are pretty complimentary, they are very badly out of date.  Like more than ten years out of date.  So the plan is to take some fresh photos today.

Gary also exchanged emails with Janine Shepherd yesterday and they will be meeting next week about the platform and to start a conversation about her online presentation.

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Service Coordinators in Queensland

Today we wrote to Care Coordinators operating in Queensland, to tell them about our platform and service, our pilot test and to offer services worth $1,500 to any of their members who are interested in becoming a pilot tester.

If you know of anyone who might be interested, encourage to email Gary Allen at [email protected] or to phone 0419 653 028.

Since making a limited start, we have posted 17 resources including 08 Enabled Discussion Sheets.

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A new small grant application

Over the weekend, we lodged an application for a small grant. This is a community grant scheme, offered by the Moreton Bay Regional Council. 

If we were successful, this money would be used to help fund our engagement with Griffith University. The work being done by the University includes developing micro-courses for members of the platform, as well as professional development for our mentors. 

It is only a small grant and success is by no means likely, but the input of funding could be very helpful for the development of the platform and its future.

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Finance policy

Yesterday, we drafted our finance plan.  This covered:

1. Billing for services;
2. Overhead saving and use;
3. Honoraria for office-bearers;
4. The purchasing plan;
5. Authorisations; and
6. Reporting and auditing…

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Excitement comes after a disappointment

After yesterday’s disappointing news, we received a terrific input of money this morning.  I hope to be able to share some details about that soon.

So some work commenced today:

Coding the other sections of the platform.
Producing the introducing video inspired by our logo.
Production of a comprehensive marketing plan.
Recording a message to go with our telephone message bank.

To say we are excited to have this work underway would be a MASSIVE understatement.   All of sudden, what felt like an impossible musing, is starting to become a reality.

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A great week

This week:

We confirmed our eligibility for a Gaming Community Benefit Fund grant and Moreton Community grant – both of which will be judged in November 2020 and would cover our immediate non-Fiverr needs;

Checked in with Fiverr and hopefully, we should hear next week if they are willing to pitch in to help with Fiverr credits – which would cover our platform build, animation and marketing plan needs;