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Why we have an Advisory Board

The question has been posed to us, “Why does the platform have an Advisory Board?”  It certainly isn’t a legal requirement, so why do we have one?  The quick answer is that we get considerable value from having one.  From early on, we decided the platform must be guided by strong disability voices and draw upon research smarts and an understanding of the body of academic knowledge.

That’s why our CEO has a disability and a doctorate. It is also why our Board includes three successful business people with a direct connection to disability and why we have two world-class researchers on our Board.  One of our amazing volunteers is also an accomplished health, disability and rehabilitation researcher.  Another volunteer is a disability support worker.

Our patron, the amazing Dinesh Palipana OAM excels while living with a significant disability.

The Board has been assisting Gary with operational tasks (thanks Jo), grant applications (thank Naomi and Elizabeth) and everyone has been a fantastic source of moral support and wisdom (thanks Elizabeth, Jo, Miriam and Naomi).  For our grant applications, it deepens our expertise and track record.

We strongly recommend members use such a support system.  Paid members also have access to a mentor.

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Google Advertising sponsorship

Google has an advertising grant for not-for-profits that can be used for advertising on Google.  In the last few days, the platform lodged an application for this funding.  Our experience with the pilot test an our unpaid promotion suggests we need paid advertising to get the word out about disability entrepreneurship, its viability for Australians with disability, and the supp0rts the platform can provide.

We are excited by the possibilities of reaching a wider audience through Google ads.  All digits crossed for this one.  Rest assured we’ll be keeping our community of followers, supporters and friends posted.

Another grant would cover the design of the ad and campaign.  This is part of our continuing effort to get the platform up and running to support 1,000 Australians with disability. 

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Social Enterprise Development Grant

We have lodged an application for this Queensland government grant.  It is a medium-sized grant that would be incredibly helpful for the rollout of the platform as a national-not-for profit business incubator for Australians who live with a disability.

We are conscious that we are a bit of a disruptor of the usual approach to disability employment. We also know there will be a huge number of other applications, so we’re keeping our hopes in check.  We are a plucky start-up social enterprise and know only too well how hard it is to raise essential funding.

Know an Australian with a disability who wants to monetise a hobby/craft, start making money doing gig work or establish a small business?  Encourage them to complete the short form below.  Or they can reach us at [email protected] or by phoning 0436 480 769 if they have any questions.

Adult Learning Sign Language For Deaf Disabled

Another testimonial added to the site – 25/06/2022

Another testimonial has been added to the platform’s website by a user of our online facilities.  This one is by James Nyland, an incredibly talented photographer, who is one of our pilot testers.  We have enjoyed working with James and have been excited to see his photography up on our favourite stock photo library – Shutterstock.

We strongly believe that sharing user testimonials is a great way to highlight the practical value of the platform and our mentoring service.  Indeed, we recommend members include testimonials on their own internet pages (with appropriate consent of course).  We believe, it can be a powerful way to promote your services/products and a great way to highlight the value of your work.

Do you know an Australian with disability who might benefit from one-on-one mentoring to help them set up a money-generating endeavour?  Please encourage them to fill out short form below.  If they have any questions, they can reach us by emailing [email protected] or by phoning 0436 480 769.

A Blackman who is visually impaired walking with a cane in a busy city street.

We are thrilled to share James’ amazing photography is on sale

James Nyland is a talented member of the platform’s community.  He is one of our pilot testers.  He is also a very talented photographer.  Some of his work is now listed on Shutterstock, a stock image library that pays contributors when they sell the work of the photographer.

We are sure you will all agree, James is an incredibly talented photographer.  We are working with him to help monetise his hobby and to build a gig-based micro business.

Do you know an Australian with a disability who wants to monetise a hobby/craft, who aspires to set up a gig-based micro business, or someone who wants to start a small business? Encourage them to complete the short form below, or to contact us at [email protected] or phone us on 0436 480 769.  Our free (Bronze) membership is a very useful way to explore our services without paying any money.  Bronze membership is free for Australians with a disability, their carers or others who have a connection to disability in Australia.

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A new testimonial for – 08/06/2022

We are incredibly fortunate to have Jo Kek-Pamenter as a member of our Advisory Board, an active member and as a talented designer who has generously supported the platform with her work.  She has a hearing impairment and is a talented designer.

I discussed these challenges with Dr Gary Allen, CEO of and promptly joined the platform to access not only entrepreneurship and business mentoring, but also the range of ever-growing resources available on the platform. … Gary has also been a keen listening ear when I have had challenges with clients and has provided sound business advice.  Being able to speak to another person with disability who understands my plight has given me confidence.

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Do you know someone with a burning idea?

Do you know an Australian with a disability with a burning idea for a money-generating endeavour?  It might be a craft/hobby they want to monetise, a skill they have that they want to offer on a gig basis, or a great idea for a small business.  While they may have great ideas, they may not know how to pursue them.  They are exactly why we are establishing the not-for-profit service for Australia, (

The platform will provide mentoring, an online resource library, a peer support network, webinars and online events, a blog and quarterly newsletters, access to specially tailored online business courses (developed by the Griffith Business School) and an online marketplace (linked to  This is a service designed and led by Australians who live with a disability.

If you know someone who might be interested, encourage them to contact us at [email protected] or phone us on 0436 480 769.  Alternatively, they could complete the form, which is linked to below.

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The employment of Australians with a disability

People aged between 15 and 64 years with disability have both lower labour force participation (53.4%) and higher unemployment rates (10.3%) than people without disabilities (84.1% and 4.6% respectively).

There are 2.1 million Australians of working age with a disability. Of these, just under half are employed (47.8%), compared with 80.3% of people without disability.

Australia’s employment rate for people with disability (46.6% in 2015) is on par with developed countries. In developing countries, 80% to 90% of people with disability of working age are unemployed, whereas in industrialised countries the figure is between 50% and 70% (United Nations Department of Information 2007).

34% of people with disability are managers and professionals (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2016).