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Testimonial: Tell us what you think

Do you like what we are trying to set up?  Have you enjoyed reading the resources we have been sharing?  Do you also see the potential benefits of disability entrepreneurship?  If so, we would be thrilled to hear from you.

The website of the platform includes provision for the display of testimonials (from pilot testers, Bronze members, followers and members of the Australian disability community).  We haven’t activated that feature until we have some testimonials to share.

We believe such testimonials are an authentic and powerful demonstration that we are doing something useful.  In addition to being helpful for people considering joining the platform, our intent is to reference them in future grant and philanthropic funding applications.

Are you willing to support us?  Great, if so send us an email to [email protected] or comment on one of our social media posts.

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Pondering the worst case scenario

In March, we likely will hear the outcome of some of our recent grant and philanthropic funding applications.  Best case scenario, these would cover all of our immediate and first-year funding needs.  Worst case scenario, we would be in a bit of a bleak situation.  The Executive Team have been discussing what to do if we find ourselves in a worst-case situation.

Also in March, the Advisory Board will be meeting and will discuss the financial situation.

We will be keeping our valued community of followers informed about our financial situation and plans…

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Know a craft technique or are you passionate about a hobby?

One category of support the platform will support is individuals who are looking to monetise a hobby or craft.

This will include matters such as social media, the internet and use of email.

Mentoring, peer support, learning opportunities and Resource Library content, webinars and an online marketplace will be features the platform will provide.

Contact us at [email protected] or phone 0436 480 769 if you have any questions.

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A great chat with Kim Prior, candidate for The New Liberals

Yesterday, Gary had a great chat with Kim Prior, The New Liberals candidate for Bonner.

They discussed disability entrepreneurship, the platform, the NDIS and why the dominant approach to disability employment isn’t working.

It was terrific to chat to a politician who seems to ‘get’ the role that the platform can and should be playing nationally.  Gary has already had his first introduction to the parent of a potential member of the platform.

Gary’s working experience and his having friends in low places means he is not intimidated chatting to political candidates, members of parliament, or ministers.  We intend to build upon his level of comfort to widely promote the platform and seek useful connections.

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Do you know someone who might like to connect with us?

Do you know an Australian who lives with a disability, or even a carer, or someone else with an established connection to disability in Australia?   Do you think they’d like to connect with us?  Whether as a free Bronze member or as a paid Silver or Gold member.

Encourage them to follow the link below and/or e-introduce them to Gary Allen ([email protected]) so we can discuss how the platform might be able to assist them.

Bronze members can access much of the material on the platform (including our internal discussion board – ‘Ask the Tribe’), including our webinars (which will commence early in 2022).

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Listed with Remarkable: Accelerating Disability tech

Very early in the journey of setting up the platform, we reached out to the Remarkable team.  We were a little too early journey at that stage so we agreed to keep in touch. 

Remarkable is an incredibly impressive group that assist disability digital endeavours to constructively grow and succeed.  

At the suggestion of a community supporter, Gary contacted Pete from Remarkable and expressed an interest in connecting with the Remarkable mentorship and services.  We have since formally applied to the programme and for their small fellowship programme…

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We currently have 237 resource items

As of 24/10/2021, the Resource Library of the platform contains 237 useful resources for members.  We add at least one new resource every day.

The items in the library provide essential tips, ideas or material that can be used to help you establish and operate your money-generating endeavour.

Most of these items are available to paid and Bronze (free) members.  All Australians who live with a disability, their carers and others with an established connection to disability in Australia, qualify for Bronze membership.  Below is a link to express your interest in joining the platform.  If you have any questions contact us at [email protected] or phone us on 0436 480 769.

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Edited and in discussions

In the last week, we have edited and submitted our Barlow Impact Group philanthropic application.  We are also in conversation with a New South Wales/Australian Capital Territory philanthropic group.  It is by no means certain that we qualify for the NSW/ACT funding, but is worthwhile exploring with them.

We will keep exploring avenues of funding, to enable us to complete the build and cover our first year of operation.  The goal is after the first year, we should be self-sufficient.  The time and knockbacks could be disheartening but we have come to understand just how competitive the field is and the fact that we are a plucky new player and are discussing a disruptive new approach, means that it was always going to be tough.  So, we will keep persevering, we only need one win to make a huge difference to us.

It has been suggested to us that there would be interest in a book about our journey.  Many thanks, Tracy, we are busily keeping notes so that Gary could write such a book – If we prove to be successful.