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Disabled Businessman Giving High Five To His Smiling Female Partner In Office

Flyer about our pilot test

The team has produced a flyer about the pilot test of the platform (Thanks Gerard!).

We are looking for around seven Australian would-be entrepreneurs who are prepared to be pilot testers. This is over $1,500 of service and support FREE, while you help us refine the platform.

The categories of endeavours we will be supporting are:

* monetising a hobby or craft;
* establishing a gig-based micro business; and
* establishing a small business,

A black man reviewing analytics on a computer

Platform improvements

As we are working our way through the administrative user interface testing, we have spotted some tweaks from our original ideas to improve the system.

This is all about us building towards starting pilot testing. It is a laborious process, but we have the combined benefits of being nerds and passionate about the potential of this platform. We are looking forward to starting the actual pilot test.

If you know anyone who you think would be a good pilot tester, encourage them to send an email to [email protected]

A woman wearing glasses, with a laptop on her lap and seated in a wheelchair, with her arms spread wide and grinning

Disability employment: An awful reality

Of late, we have shared news stories about both employers seeing the value of engaging staff who live with a disability, as well as people who live with a disability who are enjoying success with an enterprise they have set up. These are things to celebrate and congratulate.

However, that is not the full story. 

Members of the team have heard, and in some cases experienced prejudice and intolerance at work. These can see people unfairly dismissed, bullied or otherwise mistreated…

A man in a wheelchair looking back at us from a sun-filled sky

Exciting progress

A few pieces of recent exciting news about the platform:

* MS Queensland has agreed to accept Australian donations on our behalf and issue tax receipts;
* Plan Partners (a large NDIS plan management company) has agreed to help us recruit 7 more pilot testers;
* The Griffith Business School will be sending some students our way to do their work experience with us…

An artistic cartoon image of mentor sharing tips and information (represented as jigsaw) pieces with a woman in a wheelchair

While testing continues…

We are continuing with the busy process of administrative testing of the platform and sending notes to our web developers.  It is a difficult and time-intensive process.  but ultimately important and a valuable precursor to pilot testing.

In the meantime:

(i) We are preparing to reach out to another source of potential pilot testers;

(ii) We are about to pay the first instalment to Griffith University for the micro-credentialling courses they will producing for members of;

(iii) We are continuing to identify and reach out to potential webinar speakers and blog posters; and

(iv) Work on in-house resources…

A grinning man with a cloth cap sitting in a powered wheelchair

Some great conversations

In chatting with potential pilot testers, we’ve already had some great conversations and it looks like we will have an impressive pool of pilot testers.

It is hard not to be intimidated by their expertise, lived experience and how they have responded to discrimination and isolation.

The experience has reinforced some of the assumptions that underpin the platform…

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We are now using the terrific service.  For the moment, we are using it to keep tabs on progress with regards to new members, our webinar presenters and our contact list.

Resisting the temptation to become an ad for the service, it’s a great and very flexible interface and potential automation.  It also doesn’t hurt that it becomes a one-stop-shop for the team members to check for information about the platform.  Plus it also integrates with a smartphone.  Predictably, Gary added, “It works with Apple and Lemons too!”

We are still exploring all of its features, but we do recommend it for teams that are working on a complex project, or indeed a sequence of projects…

Man with a disability enjoying making a decoration.

Feedback to our web developers

Throughout this week we have been busily doing internal testing of the platform and sending Notes two our great web developers.

This doesn’t replace our need for pilot testers but we hope this will add to the polish of the platform.

It is a great feeling seeing everything coming together.

Man in a wheel chair on a down slope in a sunny leafy park, with his arms thrown wide in exaltation.

Expanding our image library

We are in the process of adding 750 quality royalty-free disability images to our resource library.

They were purchased from the great Shutterstock service.

They will be used across our site, resources and presentations.

Do you know a Queenslander who lives with a disability, who is a would-be entrepreneur? Please encourage them to register your interest in becoming a pilot tester for the platform. If they are interested they should complete the short form –…

A young happy woman in a wheelchair speaking to a workshop

Newsletter Discussion Sheet

This week we completed the Discussion Sheet about newsletters.

This provides tips covering:

(i) Formatting and branding;

(ii) Distribution method;

(iii) Maintaining and using mailing lists

(iv) Distribution schedule; and

(v) Taking your newsletter to the next level…