A man with an artificial leg walking across a stretch of cement.

Subscription based websites

You may have noticed over the last few days as well as the last few weeks before that we have been linking to some pages that require a subscription to access the full text.  We try to do so sparingly and the content has all been extremely good.  The recent sites have been WIRED and Medium.  

If you have an NDIS plan or other regulated form of support, we suggest with a little work, you should be able to charge the subscription fee to your plan.  The key thing is to focus on the amount of content that relates to disability, assisted technology and social engagement.  By describing having access to the articles would mean you will be able to read essential content specifically of value to a person who lives with a disability, you really should be able to do this.  

This is once again a good example of how you describe things, the words you choose, will give you the best possible chances of success.