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Tomorrow morning Gary is having a following up chat with NDIS/Carers Queensland

A recording hiccup means Micaela Hughes would like to go back over a few things from her notes.  This no problem for us as Gary is always delighted to talk about… as his patient and supportive friends will attest.  After a story about NFP platform was in MS Insight, Gary has started receiving enquiries and messages of support, which is exciting.

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During the last two days Gary has been working on a fellowship application for the Kenneth Myer Innovation Fellowships program. If he was successful, it could have a big impact on the work on the platform.
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Yesterday, Gary applied for a Kenneth Myer Innovation Fellowship for his work on the platform. It’s a long shot, but it could make a huge difference to this social endeavour.
#Enabled #disability #incubator #gigster #hobbyists #lobbyists #volunteer #ndis