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A young happy woman in a wheelchair speaking to a workshop

Newsletter Discussion Sheet

This week we completed the Discussion Sheet about newsletters.

This provides tips covering:

(i) Formatting and branding;

(ii) Distribution method;

(iii) Maintaining and using mailing lists

(iv) Distribution schedule; and

(v) Taking your newsletter to the next level…

Graphic image for "Brain Injury Awareness Month"

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Our apologies this is late in the month (we will resist the temptation to grumble about how fast the year is going… except I suppose we didn’t hehe), March is Brain Injury Awareness Month.

At we believe disability doesn’t mean inability. 

If you are living with a brain injury, we are here to help. The platform can assist you with…

A visually impaired sits with her guide dog, chatting with a friend.

Second pilot tester

In exciting news, we just had a new person sign up as a pilot tester of the programme.

We are incredibly excited to have a new pilot tester onboard. The plan still is to participate in the MS Queensland webinar on 17 March at 10 am.

In addition to allowing us to test our systems and processes, the pilot test will allow us to explore some of our suppositions (e.g. how things will split between hobbies/crafts, gig-based micro-business or a small business)…

A woman wearing a hijab in a wheelchair talking on a mobile phone

A set of icons

Further to our previous post, our animator has provided us with a set of twelve icons for the platform.

These will be used for the three animations currently under development, as well as in our upcoming infographics and across our website.

The website changes will be made at the same time we post the animations.

An African-American man in a wheelchair high fives a woman with a desk between them

Activity yesterday

Yesterday, Gary exchanged emails with the great team at Mindhive about ways the two platforms could collaborate.

Gary also listed a profile in StartSomeGood, which is a platform to profile endeavours to hopefully attract recurrent financial support.

All exciting stuff!

A young man in a wheelchair in an open-plan space smiles at the camera


This week we commissioned a phone greeting for for use with our phone number.

It’s another small step but feels like part of the picture coming together for the launch of the platform.

(Yes it is an Australian voice.)

A man in a wheelchair celebrating on a lakeshore

But in brighter news…

While we still lick our wounds about our failed Gaming Benefit Fund grant, we have some more positive news:

The input of funds we mentioned, was a contribution of $25,000 from the generous folk at  This is enabling us to finish the backend programming and produce a short animation inspired by our logo.
Talking of the animation, Gary signed off on the storyboard, the style, colour palate and timings of the slides this week;
@Miriam Redding a Logan City business woman who lives with a disability and @Joe-Anne  Kek-Pamenter joined our Board; and
It looks like we will be eligible for a Logan City grant of up to $10,000, which would pay for some engagement with Griffith University and cover some back-end expenses.

Two women work on decorating an egg.

Nominations open until 13/11/20

Nominations for a position on our board will stay open until 13/11/2020.  The open position is for a woman who lives with a disability.

We have already started receiving Expressions of Interest, which is great.

To ask a question or express an interest, email [email protected]

A reminder, the Board meets quarterly via Zoom and there will be some reading.  We are a small, friendly and inclusive group.

A crowd of people make up the signs for disability and carer.

Ways in which can help: Ask the tribe

The platform has an internal discussion board which limits how much non-members can see.  Only members can post to the board, create a discussion folder or perform an internal search.


The Board, and the idea of “Asking the Tribe”, is recognising we all have valuable insights and experiences, so collectively we have a powerhouse of knowledge.

So the platform and access to the “Ask the Tribe” discussion board is your superpower.