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A young happy woman in a wheelchair speaking to a workshop

Newsletter Discussion Sheet

This week we completed the Discussion Sheet about newsletters.

This provides tips covering:

(i) Formatting and branding;

(ii) Distribution method;

(iii) Maintaining and using mailing lists

(iv) Distribution schedule; and

(v) Taking your newsletter to the next level…

Graphic image for "Brain Injury Awareness Month"

Brain Injury Awareness Month

Our apologies this is late in the month (we will resist the temptation to grumble about how fast the year is going… except I suppose we didn’t hehe), March is Brain Injury Awareness Month.

At we believe disability doesn’t mean inability. 

If you are living with a brain injury, we are here to help. The platform can assist you with…

A visually impaired sits with her guide dog, chatting with a friend.

Second pilot tester

In exciting news, we just had a new person sign up as a pilot tester of the programme.

We are incredibly excited to have a new pilot tester onboard. The plan still is to participate in the MS Queensland webinar on 17 March at 10 am.

In addition to allowing us to test our systems and processes, the pilot test will allow us to explore some of our suppositions (e.g. how things will split between hobbies/crafts, gig-based micro-business or a small business)…

A crowd of people make up the signs for disability and carer.

Ways in which can help: Ask the tribe

The platform has an internal discussion board which limits how much non-members can see.  Only members can post to the board, create a discussion folder or perform an internal search.


The Board, and the idea of “Asking the Tribe”, is recognising we all have valuable insights and experiences, so collectively we have a powerhouse of knowledge.

So the platform and access to the “Ask the Tribe” discussion board is your superpower.

A woman in a wheelchair sands a piece of wood smooth

Ways in which can help: Monetising a hobby

Do you know a craft or have a hobby?  Even if your disability is limiting your ability to actually do the craft/hobby there are ways you can still contribute to the community of practice.

A woman in a shawl knitting

If you are still practising your craft, do you want help in monetising it…

The hand of someone in a wheelchair brushing through grass.

Our webinars

This is our plan for future webinars that will be conducted by  These events will last one hour, will be open and free for members of the platform, will be recorded for posting on the web site and will be conducted on a monthly basis.

A man in a wheelchair looks up at a tall flight of stairs

Onto the next challenge

Today, we have finished work on the Discussion Sheet about PDFs (including the use of copying and printing protection, as well as the use of redaction).  Now we’re moving on to the sheet about Copy Protection. This series is written for all members regardless of whether they are on an incubator, gigging, hobby, volunteer or lobby arc.

A man in a wheelchair sitting at a desk in an office, using a mobile phone with other people blurred in the background

New resources and policies

This weekend, we’re continuing our work on the resources for members and governance policies.  Our deep desire for the platform is to support members to earn some extra money through establishing a small or micro business, or by monetising a hobby.  We will do that with a combination of:

A resource library that combines in-house produced material and links to external useful material.
Mentors who are experienced business people who live with a disability.
An internal peer discussion board for sharing and encouragement.
A series of webinars with great guest speakers
People can join the platform for $400 (expressions of interest open now) and remain a member for $90. This would be payable through the NDIS, EFT or credit card

Smiling senior man partway up a stairlift

Discussion sheets

This week we finished a discussion sheet about writing, publishing and promoting eBook.  We have just started work about electronic signatures.  There will be around twenty sheets in the Resource Library for members.  These are custom resources written specifically for Australians who live with a disability. Whether you are a would-be entrepreneur, a gister, a hobbyist, a lobbyist or a community volunteer, the Discussion Sheet (EDS) series is one of the advantages of membership.

Wheelchair basketballer lines up a shot, while another player tries to block him.

We currently have a library of 131 quality disability images to use across the site

Using the great shutterstock platform, we have thus far compiled 131 quality disability images for use on this site and in our custom materials.

In other news, we keep working on our registration with the NDIS.

Yesterday, we drafted a piece for a THC newsletter and tomorrow we are being interviewed by Carers Queensland/The NDIS for a piece they will be publishing.  

We hope to have some exciting funding news soon.