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Lovely woman communicating with sign language

The movie CODA

If you haven’t already watched it, we highly recommend the movie CODA. It’s currently showing on Apple TV+ for free as part of the streaming service.

In addition to being a great coming of age and story about singing, it explores issues around disability entrepreneurship, carers and hearing. It is both moving and uplifting. It isn’t a true story, but it is a very authentic one that will be familiar to Australians who live with  a disability.  Three of the actors are really deaf.

Disability does not need to limit a person’s entrepreneurial potential but isolation and prejudice can.  The objective of this platform is to assist members with mentoring, a resource library, webinars and educational opportunities…

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An item about Australian disability entrepreneurship in Wax Lyrical

Thank you all for your continued interest in the platform.  As you may recall, a few months ago the impressive Mindhive folk invited me to write a short piece about disability entrepreneurship and how the platform is disrupting the status quo for Wax Lyrical.

The item appears in the latest edition of Wax Lyrical.

We think it’s come up pretty well but acknowledge we are not impartial.

Please distribute in your networks…

A man with the disability enjoying a tablet computer enjoying a tablet computer

Monetising a craft/hobby idea Part III: Ideas and inspiration

In recent months, we have been listing resource items with ideas about how you can monetize a hobby/craft, including ways to turn it into a genuine business or job.

We will continue to list these items in the hopes that they will provide inspiration, tips and ideas to assist our hobbyist members.

If you are a member and have a hobby that you feel have not been addressed by these listings contact us ([email protected]) and we can directly assist you…

Amputee with legs crossed, detail

When it comes to your business… organic is best

We aren’t talking about farming or food.  Instead, we are talking about followers and customers for your business, as well the community that surrounds your online efforts.

Paid advertising could seem a quick and effort-free way to get big numbers.  In our experience, it is a seductive and misleading trap.  Yes, you may get a surge in numbers but their engagement is likely to be ephemeral and without genuine substance.  Third-party recommendations and endorsements, coupled with a positive reputation, is more likely to generate positive.

Consequently, we recommend our members…

A woman in a wheelchair working on some wood.

Monetising a craft idea Part II: Make and sell it

Are you a crafty creative?  Such as being able to create your own striking necklaces, quilts, chairs or cuddly toys?

If so, can provide you with expert advice on how to monetise and promote your work.  At first, it might just be a little bit of monetary reward for work you are doing anyway, but we’ll assist you to build it into much more.

Use the platform’s mentoring, peer-support, Resource Library, training and webinars to pursue your potential…

A silhouette of a man with an artificial leg backlit by a dramatic dawn.

Monthly Blog

Yesterday, we produced the first edition of our monthly blog posts. This edition was to welcome our pilot testers. 

Members of the platform will receive new editions every month. This will be a combination of content produced by members of the Advisory Board and guests. This will cover important, interesting, and inspiring topics relating to disability entrepreneurial topics. 

If you know an Australian who lives with a disability, who you think might be interested in the platform, encourage them to email us at [email protected] or phone us on 0436 480 769…

A woman with an artificial arm, sat upon the floor in a meditative pose

Finalising our NDRP grant application

Over the last few days we have been compiling information about the previous research that our NDRP grant would build upon and collecting quotes for the services it would fund.

If this grant application is successful it would further embed research and data collection into the operation of the platform.  It will ensure our service delivery and support of clients will be evidence-based.  Importantly, this grant would allow us to collect evidence as to the value of entrepreneurship for Australians who live with a disability.

So lots of positive thoughts our into the universe or prayers (depending on your spiritual or theological beliefs) until further notice.

A woman in a wheelchair in an office picking up a smartphone.

Working from home is now just ‘work’, and Australia Talks data suggests it’s here to stay – ABC News (Daniel Ziffer | May 2021)

It shouldn’t need saying, but we’ll say it anyway, stories like this underscore that a home-based endeavour is real work that has a valuable role to play in the Australian economy and society. We are thrilled to be helping Australians who live with a disability to pursue their entrepreneurial potential.  And to set up work that suits their disability and needs.