Inclusive Employment Grants

During the last few days, we have sent an Expression of Interest for the Westpac Inclusive Employment grant, which is worth $50,000 over two years.  The grant scheme relates to charitable social sector job-ready and employment programs.  Our enquiry is related to our collaboration with MS Queensland and we are incredibly grateful to David and the fantastic team at MS Queensland for working with us on this.

If our application is successful, it will fund the development of the following courses by the Griffith Business School:

(i) Micro online business courses that will be accessible for a wide range of disabilities;

(ii) A micro-course for new mentors who join the platform; and 

(iii) A micro-course that we will offer to employers on how to set up an accessible and inclusive workplace.

As our followers and supporters know, we have been chipping away, trying to raise some funding we need for essential components we need to develop. This mid-sized grant would make a massive difference to the future of this platform.