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Pondering the worst case scenario

In March, we likely will hear the outcome of some of our recent grant and philanthropic funding applications.  Best case scenario, these would cover all of our immediate and first-year funding needs.  Worst case scenario, we would be in a bit of a bleak situation.  The Executive Team have been discussing what to do if we find ourselves in a worst-case situation.

Also in March, the Advisory Board will be meeting and will discuss the financial situation.

We will be keeping our valued community of followers informed about our financial situation and plans…

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Two grant applications

We are currently working on two grant applications:

(i) A Queensland social sector development grant; and

(ii) A commonwealth disability grant;

Both of which makes for a lot of, but it is “par for the course” for not-for-profit social enterprises.  All the failures we are having of late aren’t fun, but we haven’t let them dishearten us.  We have needed to trim back our plans and work to ‘live within our means’.

We think our application writing has improved, but time will tell. We’ll keep you posted.  One of things we really want to do is a paid social media hit to get the word out about disability entrepreneurship and the platform.

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Chipping away

The platform team is continuing to chip away at important tasks.  These are all components of setting up the platform and helping us operate the disability entrepreneurship service effectively.

The Enabled Blog will shortly have a video of their interview with Gary about the platform, disability entrepreneurship in Australia and the hope for international cooperation.  Gary made a couple of mistakes in the interview, we are just working out the best way to correct them.  Next Tuesday Naomi (an incredibly impressive academic member of our Advisory Board) and Gary will be meeting to discuss applying for the Queensland Government Social Enterprise Development grant.  This is another grant that is likely to be incredibly competitive, so we are working to put our best foot forward.  We are also hoping to catch up with the Disability Access Centre to discuss the Disability Conference Attendance grant.  

We hope to have further updates on these matters soon.

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Collating and planning for a Queensland grant

We are collating information, resources and arguments with a view to applying for the Queensland Sector Development grant – which opens on 6 January 2022 and closes on 11 February 2022.

Informed by our run of poor hit rate with such applications, rather than apply for the full amount, we will be applying for an amount for key development project items.

Our application will cover:

(i) the development of online disability friendly business courses;

(ii) website coding and development;

(iii) expert business advice;

(iv) adding captioning and screen-reader components to our videos;

(v) A small component for administrative costs…

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Lodged an EOI for the Sector Development Grant

In the last few days, Gary sent a quick Expression Of Interest for the Sector Development Grant, conducted by the Queensland Government.

It isn’t a big grant, but it would be incredibly helpful, including providing for the development of two online business courses (which are inclusive, rather than exclusive of people who live with a disability).

We have no idea how strong our application will be, but we will put our best foot forward.

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This week we applied for a SARC grant

This week we applied for a Strong and Resilient Communities (SARC) Activity – Inclusive Communities Grant.  While this was a large application, it was focused specifically on our collaboration with Griffith University.

It covered important matters, such as the development of a suite of online business courses, embedding data collection and analysis into our operation and planning, as well as time for staff and a research assistant.

Thank you for your great and sterling work on this @Naomi Birdthistle, it was a huge effort and our application looks great!

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We are saddened to report

In the last few days, we were notified that our application for an NCIP grant was unsuccessful.  That caught us by surprise because we were very happy with the application, it reflected a great collaboration between the researcher members and disabled business person members of our Advisory Board and it was set to make a massive contribution to the rollout of the. platform.

Our enthusiasm and belief in the concept of a virtual business incubator is undiminished.  We are still absolutely committed to the use of a community of practice to support Australians who live with a disability to pursue their entrepreneurial potential.  But our lack of success with grant applications warrant a pause and rethink of our funding strategy.

Members of the team are meeting Monday morning to discuss.

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Anxiously waiting and still reaching out

This month we expect to hear whether a couple of grant applications have progressed to the next stage.  It’s an anxious wait because we have some non-discretionary expenditure items coming up that we can’t afford to personally cover.

We are continuing to reach out to charitable foundations and companies trying to secure philanthropic funding.  If you know any bodies that might be interested in supporting us, please let us know.  Even a small contribution could make big difference to us.

We are sorry to “rattle the tin” but the situation is getting acute.