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Anxiously waiting and still reaching out

This month we expect to hear whether a couple of grant applications have progressed to the next stage.  It’s an anxious wait because we have some non-discretionary expenditure items coming up that we can’t afford to personally cover.

We are continuing to reach out to charitable foundations and companies trying to secure philanthropic funding.  If you know any bodies that might be interested in supporting us, please let us know.  Even a small contribution could make big difference to us.

We are sorry to “rattle the tin” but the situation is getting acute.

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Grant disappointment

This week we were notified that our application for a small grant from the Moreton Bay Regional Council was unsuccessful.  This is pretty disappointing, especially given how hard the application process is.

But we understand completely that there was a large volume of applications.  Not everybody can receive grant funding and we have certainly received some funding in the past.  So we need to be philosophical about it.  But we would be lying if we didn’t admit to being a bit bummed about it.

We still have a few applications under review, so we need to stay positive and be patient.

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AMP Tomorrow Fund – Exciting news

We are absolutely stoked!

The AMP Tomorrow Fund received 1600 applications and have whittled them down to 200.  And we’ve progressed to round 2.  It is exciting to be in that group.

The next stage will be a desktop internal process to turn 200 into 10.  The third stage will involve a panel of judges selecting the winner from the ten.

This grant would completely transform the position for the platform moving forward.

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NDRP application unsuccessful

We are disappointed to share the news that our application for the NDRP Pilot Research Funding Round was unsuccessful.  The application reflected a great team effort and we were very happy with it.

Apparently, they received 123 proposals and were only able to fund 9 applications (7%).  This apparently is pretty indicative of the budget landscape in general.

We have a few other large applications under review at the moment, but we won’t pretend this one didn’t sting. It would have funded a firm embedding of research into the opera0tion of the platform…

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Wait a moment

Just as we were poised to get back to the Discussion Sheets, another grant has popped up for us to apply for.

Part of the process would be justifying that we are eligible for funding.  The outcome of our argument that we are eligible is by no means certain.  However, it is a big grant and could make a massive difference to us.  So it’s back to grant writing, at least for a few days.

My academic friends commiserate, both with the time and effort it takes and dealing with the highly likely rejection…

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Deep breath and then back to work

Having completed the mad dash to get our two large grants and now settling into the anxious wait to hear the outcomes, there’s only time for a deep breath before we dive back into the next few ongoing jobs.

These jobs are:

(i) conducting orientation meetings with our newest members;

(ii) circling back to those members to see how they are going with the tasks we suggested to them…

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Monday the grants team will meet

On Monday our grant team will be meeting to finetune our application for the NDRP grant.

A couple of days ago, we realised our approach to the application and our project budget requests needed a rethink.  Given the potential importance of these monies, we want to put the best foot forward.  Fortunately, our Advisory Board includes someone who is very experienced with grant applications, who can find time in her busy schedule and we have a volunteer who is a researcher, who is happy to help.


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One tester spot left

The platform currently has nine great testers, with whom we are excited to be working.  These reflect quite a range of disabilities, ideas and existing business knowledge.  All of them are impressive in their own rights and thoroughly admirable, if not inspiring.

Do you know someone you think might benefit from participation in the platform?

Pilot testers will receive around 1,600 for free and with no obligation to continue past the six month testing period..