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A guy in a wheelchair, seated at a table with a couple, showing them something on his tablet

Fiverr items have given us an idea

Having gone through the process of posting resources/guides about Fiverr to the Resource Library ( we have identified a couple that could usefully produce a version of them, especially for would-be-gigster members of the platform.

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Online marketplace for members of

Members of can set up stalls for gig-based services they are providing. Australian businesses and consumers can search this database to find Australians who live with a disability who are offering the services they require…

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A great Zoom chat

Today, Gary had a great conversation. with Tim Pullen of Social Ventures Australia. We’re a bit small/early journey for working with them, but Tim was very generous with his time, suggested some great funding ideas and was also a great person to chat with.
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Revised fund-raising goal

Having received costings for the rest of the site, we have revised our goal to reflect this.

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Meeting this week about

Gary has a scheduled meeting this week that will hopefully culminate in progress toward a funding opportunity and/or partnership. While we desperately need funding for the remaining components~ of the build of the platform, it is encouraging and affirming to hear the support  from folk who are experienced in the disability, NDIS and social endeavours fields

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More grant applications and a bug

Yesterday, Gary lodged grant applications with two banks.  One, in particular, was a long shot but we thought it worth a go.  We desperately need funding to make a reality.  It might be hubris, but we firmly believe the platform could make a real difference to the lives of Australians who live with a disability…

Industry cartoon of a director scoping a shot b between his thumbs and fore fingers

Pricing for next stages

We have been quoted for the ‘Ask the Tribe’ (Internal discussion board) section and membership backend and we’re working towards quotes for the BAZAAR (Online market place) and ‘Ask your mentor’ functionality.  Our current thoughts on the BAZAAR is a two-step process where a searchable list of sellers and stalls is on and the transaction and international listing is on an existing service, such as the excellent Fiverr.  Next we need to find some money to pay for this work. 

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It seems my hopeful excitement yesterday was misguided.  It seems the structure of makes us ineligible for the gaming community. Pondering if we want to make a change, but I suspect not.  We remain hopeful for the few grants we’re still in the running for.
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