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The movie CODA

If you haven’t already watched it, we highly recommend the movie CODA. It’s currently showing on Apple TV+ for free as part of the streaming service.

In addition to being a great coming of age and story about singing, it explores issues around disability entrepreneurship, carers and hearing. It is both moving and uplifting. It isn’t a true story, but it is a very authentic one that will be familiar to Australians who live with  a disability.  Three of the actors are really deaf.

Disability does not need to limit a person’s entrepreneurial potential but isolation and prejudice can.  The objective of this platform is to assist members with mentoring, a resource library, webinars and educational opportunities…

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An item about Australian disability entrepreneurship in Wax Lyrical

Thank you all for your continued interest in the platform.  As you may recall, a few months ago the impressive Mindhive folk invited me to write a short piece about disability entrepreneurship and how the platform is disrupting the status quo for Wax Lyrical.

The item appears in the latest edition of Wax Lyrical.

We think it’s come up pretty well but acknowledge we are not impartial.

Please distribute in your networks…

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Tweaks to our website

During the last few days we have made some small changes to our website.

These include:

(i) The top menu for the website under the heading Resources now includes direct links to our Living Well, Sheets# and Policies pages;

(ii) Separate pages for Sheets, Discussion Sheets and Resource Sheets…

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Tips for gigsters: Practice gigging

Do you hope to establish a gig-based micro-business?  Perhaps you intend to use work skills, knowledge, experience and/or contacts before needing ill-health retire from ‘regular’ work.

Gigging could be a great way to supplement your other income sources in a way that you can structure around your other work.

For many people, gig work will be very different from the work they may have done before.  The first step, as with most things in life, is to practice.  Identify a person you know, ideally somebody who knows your work and offer to do for them the kind of work that you will eventually be offering on a gig basis.  You will be doing that work on a gratis basis (free of charge).  This will give you a chance to practice doing the task with the minimum of possible pressure.  If they are a person that you respect, you might ask them for feedback on your work and ask whether if they had engaged you commercially they would be comfortable paying what you are intending to charge future clients.  Another idea might be to ask them for a testimonial, which you could use on your internet presence and social media…

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When it comes to your business… organic is best

We aren’t talking about farming or food.  Instead, we are talking about followers and customers for your business, as well the community that surrounds your online efforts.

Paid advertising could seem a quick and effort-free way to get big numbers.  In our experience, it is a seductive and misleading trap.  Yes, you may get a surge in numbers but their engagement is likely to be ephemeral and without genuine substance.  Third-party recommendations and endorsements, coupled with a positive reputation, is more likely to generate positive.

Consequently, we recommend our members…

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Establishing a gig-based micro business part II: Tapping what you did before

Have you ill health retired from ‘regular’ work because of a progressive or emergent condition, injury, illness, discrimination or because your disability was just making it to0 hard?

But you still have valuable skills, knowledge, insights and a network?

Consider using them to establish a gig-based micro-business, where you provide individual customers components of what you know as a paying gig.  For example, writing the customer a report on a matter within 30 days…

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Monthly Blog

Yesterday, we produced the first edition of our monthly blog posts. This edition was to welcome our pilot testers. 

Members of the platform will receive new editions every month. This will be a combination of content produced by members of the Advisory Board and guests. This will cover important, interesting, and inspiring topics relating to disability entrepreneurial topics. 

If you know an Australian who lives with a disability, who you think might be interested in the platform, encourage them to email us at [email protected] or phone us on 0436 480 769…