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Given that we achieved these numbers without paid advertising, we are incredibly grateful for the support.

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The life changing power of assistive technologies – TED Talks (Jane Velkovski | December 2021)

This great and inspiring TED Talk isn’t about disability entrepreneurship but it is a great example of the transformative potential of assistive technology to enable people who live with a disability to pursue their potential.  In Gary’s case, in addition to his great wheelchair, he uses an over-bed desk and a headset plus chest speaker to supplement his thin voice.  The NDIS is far from perfect (especially during this period of cost cutting), but Australians can be proud to have the scheme, which gives us options far beyond those available in other countries.  Assistive technology can be such a boon to assist you with your endeavour.

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Chipping away

The platform team is continuing to chip away at important tasks.  These are all components of setting up the platform and helping us operate the disability entrepreneurship service effectively.

The Enabled Blog will shortly have a video of their interview with Gary about the platform, disability entrepreneurship in Australia and the hope for international cooperation.  Gary made a couple of mistakes in the interview, we are just working out the best way to correct them.  Next Tuesday Naomi (an incredibly impressive academic member of our Advisory Board) and Gary will be meeting to discuss applying for the Queensland Government Social Enterprise Development grant.  This is another grant that is likely to be incredibly competitive, so we are working to put our best foot forward.  We are also hoping to catch up with the Disability Access Centre to discuss the Disability Conference Attendance grant.  

We hope to have further updates on these matters soon.

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We’ve worked out our minimum funding needs

The Executive Team has taken a long and hard look at our minimum funding needs for the credible, robust and sustainable operation of the platform.  The total is $95,200, which doesn’t include some important, but not essential items.

We are stage two for two philanthropic grants and we are just about to apply for a Queensland grant – anyone of which would cover this amount.

If none of them are successful, we will need to consider the contingencies of whether we can operate the platform.

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Launching the platform in early 2022

Even though we are continuing to apply for funding that will be essential for our viability and effective operation, we will be launching the platform as a national service early in 2022.  Which we are incredibly excited by the prospect.

Do you know a would-be entrepreneur who might benefit from participation in the platform?  Are you a business person who is willing to donate a couple of hours a month to be a mentor?  Great! Contact us at [email protected] to discuss.

We provide a range of supports to assist Australians who live with a disability to pursue their entrepreneurial potential. By monetising a hobby or craft, doing gig work or establishing a small business.

Disability doesn’t have to determine entrepreneurial potential, but isolation and lack of support can – if we let them.

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Glitch with the Resource Library resolved

The technical fault that was causing resource items to display incorrectly has been resolved.  We will resume daily updates to the library today.  We apologise for the interruption in this service.

Finding and resolving such matters are the reason why we have been pilot testing the platform.

Our sincere thanks to our testers and Bronze (free) members, who are helping us make the platform great, solid and useful.  We strongly believe in the principle that services for disabled Australians must have Australians who live with a disability in leadership positions. Our CEO does and Chair person lives with a chronic health condition.

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Collating and planning for a Queensland grant

We are collating information, resources and arguments with a view to applying for the Queensland Sector Development grant – which opens on 6 January 2022 and closes on 11 February 2022.

Informed by our run of poor hit rate with such applications, rather than apply for the full amount, we will be applying for an amount for key development project items.

Our application will cover:

(i) the development of online disability friendly business courses;

(ii) website coding and development;

(iii) expert business advice;

(iv) adding captioning and screen-reader components to our videos;

(v) A small component for administrative costs…

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Are we kidding ourselves: What do you think?

Despite making it past stage one for a few grant/philanthropic grants a couple of times and some modest wins, we’ve come up short a couple of times and are surviving on self-funding and enthusiasm.  Are we guilty of self-delusion/hubris?  Is and the goal of facilitating disability entrepreneurship good ideas?

What do you think?  Let us know by commenting on this post or emailing us at [email protected] or [email protected]

We have a few big results coming up in the next few weeks and  months, but it would be helpful to hear from you.