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A man in a wheelchair and a carer looking out from a quay

Finished our draft article

We are delighted to report that we have finished our draft piece for the Wax Lyrical magazine.

In addition to talking about the idea and planned operation of the platform, we have used the opportunity to ask the Mindhive community for some suggestions for the development of the platform. 

Given the size of the magazine’s readership and how impressive a group they are, we are really excited to share with them news and information about the platform…

Disabled Businessman Giving High Five To His Smiling Female Partner In Office

Flyer about our pilot test

The team has produced a flyer about the pilot test of the platform (Thanks Gerard!).

We are looking for around seven Australian would-be entrepreneurs who are prepared to be pilot testers. This is over $1,500 of service and support FREE, while you help us refine the platform.

The categories of endeavours we will be supporting are:

* monetising a hobby or craft;
* establishing a gig-based micro business; and
* establishing a small business,

A young man in a wheelchair with a cape, with his fist raised ready to take off

Finalised our big and bold pitch

In the last few days, we finalised our application for a large international prize.

As we said before, we don’t have high expectations for the outcome of this, but we thought it worth trying.

We will, of course, keep our network of friends, supporters and other members of the platform informed…

A young Asian man kneels in front of an older Asian man in a wheelchair, for a discussion

Discussion Board

This week, we completed testing of the internal/peer support discussion board. This is referred to as ‘Ask the Tribe’.

We also created an initial posting to the Board, which includes some prompts for members to make their own posts.

The next stage of testing for this Board is the Pilot Testing of it by our new pilot testers…

Disabled man in a modified vehicle

Bumper stickers

We are currently planning to produce bumper stickers promoting the platform.

A virtual business incubator for Australians who live with a disability

Once we have them printed, would you add it to the bumper of your ride?  If so, let us know ([email protected]) and we’ll post it to you…

A man in a wheelchair gestures emphatically towards a computer

The resource library

We are very close to having one year’s worth of resource items to add to our library.

The plan is every morning to add one new resource item to the website.  And add one discussion or resource sheet to the site every afternoon.

The resource library will be filled with items that will be of use/interest to our members…

A smiling woman who lives with a mental disability looks up from reading to smile at us


On Thursday, late afternoon, Gary participated in a Mindhive Community Monthly Networking Event.

If you don’t already know about Mindhive, it is a terrific platform to bring together expertise from the academic, corporate, public sector, NGO and research spheres to tackle society’s massive problems.

Gary was invited to briefly speak about the platform and there was great interest from the other Mindhive participants. He was invited to give a longer talk about our platform to a later Mindhive gathering. We were a little bitty entity in a very impressive digital room…

An Asian woman in a wheelchair smiles up a us from an open laptop.

Supporters and partners’ page

Yesterday, we updated the page for our partners and supporters to include a link to MS Queensland (who are amazing).

We have also indicated MS Queensland have agreed to accept donations and issue tax receipts on our behalf.

Another partner/supporter should be added in the next few days…

A group of happy students in a study space in a library

Students doing prac with us

We are thrilled to report that doing a work placement with the platform is now listed on the Griffith University Work Integrated Learning board. 

Students will be able to participate in activity in the policy and resource drafting, activity related to fundraising and assisting us with our monthly webinars and blog posts. 

Gary has been employed in the tertiary sector since 1997, so it shouldn’t be a surprise he was enthusiastic about this idea. We are delighted because there might be a few jobs that Gary isn’t trying to do on his own…

A smiling black man wearing a cloth hat in a wheelchair looking at us with a positive expression

New grant applications

Over the last few days, we have lodged a few grant applications. Including one that we happily admit that our chances of winning are comparable to our chances of an Australian winning Lotto in the US.

With our sincere thanks to the Queensland Social Enterprise Council for sharing some great listings for members of QSEC. 

We have also submitted an Expression of Interest for a Commonwealth grant scheme. This is part of the collaboration between the platform and Griffith University. In addition, we have lodged another application to the Moreton Shire Council grants area…