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MinterEllison is working on advice on the benefits question

The amazing team at the law firm, MinterEllison has been supporting the platform for some time with pro bono legal advice.  They have been incredibly generous and supportive.  We cannot speak highly enough of their valuable support.  Recently, they have started work to provide us  with expert advice on the benefit question we mentioned recently.

Australians with disabilities on a government pension, benefits or healthcare card might worry that income in one month might impact on their entitlements into the future.  What might be concerning is the inherent changeability in income from a monetised hobby/craft, for gig-based micro-businesses and small businesses.  It can be  hard to predict future income – especially early in an endeavour’s journey.  Our hope is to smooth out some of the peaks and troughs of income over time.

The prospect of benefitting from independent and expert legal advice from a firm with a standing like MinterEllison is incredibly reassuring.

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Wet Writhing and Eldritch Gurgling: A Chat With the Stranger Things Subtitles Team – Vulture (Savannah Salazar | July 2022)

Yes we know this item isn’t obviously about disability entrepreneurship or even obviously about disability employment.  But it is essential your daily and weekly routine includes some time and space to unwind and relax.  One of our guilty pleasure is vegging out in front of a few streaming shows.  One of the great ones is Stranger Things.  So it’s great to read about the team that did the subtitles for the latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix.  

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Is there an issue you would like to see discussed?

Are you an Australian with a disability?  Do you have a question about disability entrepreneurship, establishing a money-generating endeavour or a question about the platform?  We would be thrilled to hear from you and will endeavour to address your question in a blog post or in this newsfeed.  

The whole point of the platform is to assist Australians with disabilities to establish and operate a money-generating endeavour (or a suite of income sources).  So we would value hearing form you to help us ensure that we are providing the information and advice our member community wants and needs.  

We now have a few volunteer blog post writers who will assist us with the writing of the requested blog posts.   

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COVID-19 and our Advisory Board

A few members of the platform’s Board are dealing with COVID-19 (the pandemic may be in its final phase, but the current surge is concerning, it is still causing bedlam and killing people) we have decided to reschedule Friday’s meeting – hopefully, to next week.

We are grateful for our Advisory Board.  Their insights, wisdom, generous contribution and enthusiasm is making a huge difference to the roll-out of the platform.   Thank you Gary, Elizabeth, Jo and Miriam for your valuable contribution, good humour and belief in what we are beavering away at setting up.

Supporting a community of practice in the Australian disability entrepreneurship space will make a real difference to the lives of members, their families, our community an even the Australian economy.  When a similar program was run in the UK with intellectual disabilities it quickly saved over 2 million pounds of public sector funds.

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Meeting with the Chief Engagement and Communication Officer and CXO of Yooralla

Tomorrow, Gary will meet with Stefan Grun, the Chief Engagement and Communication Officer and Matthew Warren, Chief Experience Officer of Yooralla.  If you don’t already know about Yooralla, it has a long history in the Australian disability space.  In fact, they were established in 1918.

The three of them will discuss this platform, Yooralla and opportunities for the two disability bodies to collaborate. There is considerable synergy in their visions and aspirations.

We are excited to see how this develops and what future collaborations will look like.

‘Passion economy’ is the new buzzword that’s shaping the future of work – ThePrint (Utkarsh Amitabh | February 2022)

We have previously posted an item with the admonishment not to pursue your passion as a career.  That notwithstanding, we agree with this item, a really good step being taken by some people who lost their jobs to the pandemic is to set up an endeavour that aligns with your passion.  For Australians with disability, we strongly suggest that your money-generating endeavour is something that you enjoy doing and something that you’re curious about. is here to support you to pursue that passion.  

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Disability entrepreneurship and benefits

We are extremely fortunate to be receiving pro bono legal advice from MinterEllison, an amazing and generous legal firm.  Based on our experience with the pilot test, we are currently seeking their advice on the ways in which we can legally help members avoid the worry of how their money-generating endeavour will impact their pension or other benefits.

The reality is the income from a monetised hobby, a gig-based micro-business or a small business can be inconsistent and unpredictable.  The fact that someone earns a certain amount in one month does not mean that they will earn the same amount in subsequent months.  We don’t want this to be a disincentive from establishing and operating a new endeavour.

We will keep this community informed of how this discussion goes and if we have a solution for members who are concerned about their benefits.

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Grant and money update

Flowing from our successful application to the Samford and Pine Rivers Community Grant fund and the generous philanthropic contribution by Outcomes Australia, we have recently had a welcome injection of cash.  And have been able to pay some urgent bills.  We have recently submitted two applications: The first, a Westpac Grant ($50,000 over two years) and the Social Enterprise Development Grant (Queensland government, $5,000 – $25,000).  These grant funds would be incredibly helpful.

We thank Griffith University and MS Queensland for their generous support towards these applications.  If we are successful with these applications it will take us a few big steps closer towards launching the platform as a national not-for-profit service for the Australian disability community.

We are currently working on two other applications for grant funding: The first, a Google grant for online advertising for NFPs; and the second, the Advance Queensland Ignite Ideas Fund – Round 9, which is a large grant.  These would see us set up very positively and in good shape for the future.

There is still a long way to go but we are feeling incredibly positive about the journey and we are grateful for the support we have received.