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We’ve received a competency badge from the ACU

Because of Gary’s participation in the ACU Co-Lab’s Social Enterprise workshop, Social Enterprise Series – The change you seek he received a badge in recognition.

In addition to being an opportunity to network and exchange ideas with peers in the Australian social enterprise sector, it was a valuable learning opportunity and brings with it the tantalising prospect of funding and other support.

This was an excellent online activity that we are delighted Gary participated in…

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More disappointing news… Australia Post

A few months back, we applied for an Australia Post community grant.  It was a bit of a stretch because the scheme related to initiatives in the mental health space – so we argued as to the mental health benefits of disability entrepreneurship.  So we always knew our application had only a marginal chance of success.

During the last few days, we were notified our application was unsuccessful.

Any knockback is disappointing, but we went into this knowing we didn’t have an especially strong application.  We still have a few applications and EOI out there, so we’ll keep chipping away.

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Co-Lab Social Enterprise Series – Workshop 1 – The change you seek

This week, Gary participated in a terrific webinar conducted by Australian Catholic University’s great Co-Lab.  It was the first in a series of workshops for social entrepreneurs.

As you might expect, there was some discussion about theoretical underpinnings, but there was also some very practical topics covered, small group discussions and activities.

It was a very valuable event with vibrant participation…

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We are very sad to report…

Despite making it through the first round of the AMP Tomorrow Fund grant, we were unsuccessful in the second round. This is incredibly disappointing but the scheme was very competitive.

This unwelcome news is a blow but doesn’t diminish our convictions or resolve.  We still have a lot of applications under review and we will keep chipping along with our pilot test.

Just a reminder that the Bronze membership of the platform is free for Australians who live with a disability, their carers and people with an established connection to disability in Australia.  The link to register is below.  People who join for free are under no obligation to become paid members…

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Exciting news

One of our philanthropic outreaches has progressed from the EOI to the application phase.  Success is far from certain and the online application form is pretty detailed form (as it should be).  But we are sincerely thrilled to have an outreach to progress in this way.

If our application is successful, it would completely transform the rollout of the platform, its further development and a big component of the costs associated with our first twelve months of operation.

There will be another anxious wait but it a good and hopeful wait.  We’ll update you in due course.

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Anxiously waiting and still reaching out

This month we expect to hear whether a couple of grant applications have progressed to the next stage.  It’s an anxious wait because we have some non-discretionary expenditure items coming up that we can’t afford to personally cover.

We are continuing to reach out to charitable foundations and companies trying to secure philanthropic funding.  If you know any bodies that might be interested in supporting us, please let us know.  Even a small contribution could make big difference to us.

We are sorry to “rattle the tin” but the situation is getting acute.

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The Funding Network: Virtual pitch EOI

Yesterday, we submitted an Expression of Interest in TFN’s exciting pitch event.  The process is submitting your Interest, short-listing, presenting to a room of potential philanthropic funders and hopefully you secure some funding.

This is another scheme where we anticipate the competition being fierce, but we think the opportunity makes it well worth the effort.

We’ll keep you posted.

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Grant disappointment

This week we were notified that our application for a small grant from the Moreton Bay Regional Council was unsuccessful.  This is pretty disappointing, especially given how hard the application process is.

But we understand completely that there was a large volume of applications.  Not everybody can receive grant funding and we have certainly received some funding in the past.  So we need to be philosophical about it.  But we would be lying if we didn’t admit to being a bit bummed about it.

We still have a few applications under review, so we need to stay positive and be patient.