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Finalised our big and bold pitch

In the last few days, we finalised our application for a large international prize.

As we said before, we don’t have high expectations for the outcome of this, but we thought it worth trying.

We will, of course, keep our network of friends, supporters and other members of the platform informed…

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Wax Lyrical

We are thrilled to share that Gary has been invited to write a piece about the platform for Wax Lyrical.

This is a publication of MindHive, which has a readership of about 10,000. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to spread the word about the platform and see if we can engage with additional volunteers and funders…

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Supporting volunteers EOI

Gary is currently chatting to the electorate office of his Federal MP about an Expression of Interest for a community grant for supporting volunteers. 

This would be a collaboration between the platform and The Hopkins Centre on producing educational and resource material for citizen-scientists (e.g. co-researchers) and members of community reference groups. This is particularly for Queenslanders who live with a disability. 

This is not per se, but it is a useful area of overlap for the Centre and the platform…

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Supporters and partners’ page

Yesterday, we updated the page for our partners and supporters to include a link to MS Queensland (who are amazing).

We have also indicated MS Queensland have agreed to accept donations and issue tax receipts on our behalf.

Another partner/supporter should be added in the next few days…

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New grant applications

Over the last few days, we have lodged a few grant applications. Including one that we happily admit that our chances of winning are comparable to our chances of an Australian winning Lotto in the US.

With our sincere thanks to the Queensland Social Enterprise Council for sharing some great listings for members of QSEC. 

We have also submitted an Expression of Interest for a Commonwealth grant scheme. This is part of the collaboration between the platform and Griffith University. In addition, we have lodged another application to the Moreton Shire Council grants area…

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NDIS cost-cutting taskforce told to reduce growth in participants and spending – The Guardian ( Luke Henriques-Gomes | April 2021)

When Labor first introduced the NDIS, it put Australia in an enviable position of the first such national insurance scheme for people who live with a disability.

For many of us, it has been very really a life-changer and opens doors of opportunity.

So it is thoroughly disheartening, but not entirely unexpected, that the Federal Government is looking for ways to wind back the scheme and look for ways to save money…

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Disappointing news

It is with no small amount of disappointment we report that our application for a DSS grant was unsuccessful.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who reached out to their Federal MP about our application.

Even though we are saddened by this news, we are not too despondent. With the money we have already raised and our work behind the scenes, we are able to press ahead with our Pilot Test…

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A meeting about obtaining DRG status

Next Tuesday the team will be meeting with staff from Minter Ellison. 

This will discuss the platform pursuing obtaining DRG status. 

Minter Ellison is doing this work pro bono as part of the RISE programme coordinated by the Social Impact Hub…

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A new small grant application

Over the weekend, we lodged an application for a small grant. This is a community grant scheme, offered by the Moreton Bay Regional Council. 

If we were successful, this money would be used to help fund our engagement with Griffith University. The work being done by the University includes developing micro-courses for members of the platform, as well as professional development for our mentors. 

It is only a small grant and success is by no means likely, but the input of funding could be very helpful for the development of the platform and its future.

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Exciting progress

A few pieces of recent exciting news about the platform:

* MS Queensland has agreed to accept Australian donations on our behalf and issue tax receipts;
* Plan Partners (a large NDIS plan management company) has agreed to help us recruit 7 more pilot testers;
* The Griffith Business School will be sending some students our way to do their work experience with us…