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Amputee with legs crossed, detail

When it comes to your business… organic is best

We aren’t talking about farming or food.  Instead, we are talking about followers and customers for your business, as well the community that surrounds your online efforts.

Paid advertising could seem a quick and effort-free way to get big numbers.  In our experience, it is a seductive and misleading trap.  Yes, you may get a surge in numbers but their engagement is likely to be ephemeral and without genuine substance.  Third-party recommendations and endorsements, coupled with a positive reputation, is more likely to generate positive.

Consequently, we recommend our members…

Happy meeting of a team that includes a young man in a wheelchair

Billboard competition

Fiverr is currently conducting a competition in Australia for a small business to win space on a new billboard. 

Needless to say, we have entered into the competition. 

Listing on a billboard would be a great way to promote the platform to the three audiences we are hoping to reach…

Animation frame of a young woman in a wheelchair in a wild rainforest

Design for our animation

Yesterday Gary signed off on the look for the frames of our short animation. We are really excited to see how this is going to turn out.

At the risk of stating the obvious, our animators are incredibly talented.

We found them on Fiverr and we are using some of Fiverr’s generous contribution to pay for it…

Grinning bearded guy in a wheelchair, watches something on his tablet.

Proposal with regard to Fiverr

Today our executive team sent a proposal to the great platform Fiverr.  It discusses how the two will work together to deliver an amazing service for Australians who live with a disability, but would also see the pending sections built.  Fiverr was the inspiration for Gary’s ideas for the platform so we are really excited by the prospect of collaborating.

An African-American man in a wheelchair, his arms flung wide in celebration

A terrific meeting with Fiverr’s disability manager

A 6:30 this morning, Gary had a terrific meeting with Fiverr’s disability and engagement manager, Beth.  It was a discussion about the origins of the idea, how the platform would link to Fiverr and the jobs still to do.  She invited us to compile a proposal document that she could take to the Fiverr board.  Very exciting.  🙂

A guy in a wheelchair, seated at a table with a couple, showing them something on his tablet

Fiverr items have given us an idea

Having gone through the process of posting resources/guides about Fiverr to the Resource Library ( we have identified a couple that could usefully produce a version of them, especially for would-be-gigster members of the platform.