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The words, "Seriously, be happy. Love yourself first. See good in all things. Take your dreams."

Cleaning out the broken links

Currently, a student intern from the Griffith Business School, Kianna Lowe is currently going through our Resource Library to identify any broken links so that these can be tidied up.  

It isn’t a fun or especially invigorating job, but it is an important one.  It is another job that we don’t need to find extra time to do.  

We really appreciate the hard work of Kianna, the contribution that she is making to the platform and the terrific support that we have received from GBS.  

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Reaching out to potential webinar facilitators/speakers

With the fantastic assistance of GBS student intern Kianna Lowe, we have started reaching out to people that would be great facilitators/speakers.  Conversations have already commenced with a couple of them.  

Our plan is to conduct monthly webinars that can be attended by Bronze and full members of the platform.  The last 15 minutes of each webinar will be devoted for Silver and Gold members for a discussion about how an NDIS plan and other sources of support could be used to pursue the matters raised in the webinar.

Our hope is these webinars will be amongst the reasons people will choose to join the platform and remain members.  If you know an Australian who lives with a disability, a carer or other person with an established connection to disability in Australia please encourage them to contact us at [email protected] or phone us on 0436 480 769.

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Testimonial: Tell us what you think

Do you like what we are trying to set up?  Have you enjoyed reading the resources we have been sharing?  Do you also see the potential benefits of disability entrepreneurship?  If so, we would be thrilled to hear from you.

The website of the platform includes provision for the display of testimonials (from pilot testers, Bronze members, followers and members of the Australian disability community).  We haven’t activated that feature until we have some testimonials to share.

We believe such testimonials are an authentic and powerful demonstration that we are doing something useful.  In addition to being helpful for people considering joining the platform, our intent is to reference them in future grant and philanthropic funding applications.

Are you willing to support us?  Great, if so send us an email to [email protected] or comment on one of our social media posts.

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Pondering the worst case scenario

In March, we likely will hear the outcome of some of our recent grant and philanthropic funding applications.  Best case scenario, these would cover all of our immediate and first-year funding needs.  Worst case scenario, we would be in a bit of a bleak situation.  The Executive Team have been discussing what to do if we find ourselves in a worst-case situation.

Also in March, the Advisory Board will be meeting and will discuss the financial situation.

We will be keeping our valued community of followers informed about our financial situation and plans…

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Are you social and can help us reach 900 followers?

The platform currently has 871 followers on LinkedIn –, 37 followers on Twitter – and 126 followers on Facebook –

Given that we achieved these numbers without paid advertising, we are incredibly grateful for the support.

In the case of LinkedIn, can you help us reach 900 followers and beyond.  Please urge your social media networks to follow us and encourage them to visit our website –

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Two grant applications

We are currently working on two grant applications:

(i) A Queensland social sector development grant; and

(ii) A commonwealth disability grant;

Both of which makes for a lot of, but it is “par for the course” for not-for-profit social enterprises.  All the failures we are having of late aren’t fun, but we haven’t let them dishearten us.  We have needed to trim back our plans and work to ‘live within our means’.

We think our application writing has improved, but time will tell. We’ll keep you posted.  One of things we really want to do is a paid social media hit to get the word out about disability entrepreneurship and the platform.

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Pay it forward: Become a mentor

Are you an experienced business person, a successful gig worker or someone who has monetised a hobby/craft?  Irrespective of whether you live with a disability, please pay that experience and success forward by becoming a mentor.

Our experience to date suggests mentoring one person takes a couple of hours per month.  Mentoring is conducted via email and video link/phone.

Contact us at [email protected] to discuss and make a. positive contribution to disability entrepreneurship in Australia.

PS We have resolved the TED Talk and embedded video issue.

A man in a wheel, wearing a jacket, working on a computer on a table.

The life changing power of assistive technologies – TED Talks (Jane Velkovski | December 2021)

This great and inspiring TED Talk isn’t about disability entrepreneurship but it is a great example of the transformative potential of assistive technology to enable people who live with a disability to pursue their potential.  In Gary’s case, in addition to his great wheelchair, he uses an over-bed desk and a headset plus chest speaker to supplement his thin voice.  The NDIS is far from perfect (especially during this period of cost cutting), but Australians can be proud to have the scheme, which gives us options far beyond those available in other countries.  Assistive technology can be such a boon to assist you with your endeavour.