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A great meeting with Linda Seymour and Wilma Stevens

On Tuesday 21 December, Gary had a terrific meeting with Linda Seymour, who is running as an Independent in the seat of Hughes.  Also at the meeting was Wilma Stevens, who has great experience and insight into disability services and social enterprises in Australia.

Covered in the discussion was disability employment, inclusion, the platform and how Linda could support and further connect to the platform.  They had some great ideas in terms of pursuing funding.

This was part of Gary’s current work connecting with politicians in the lead-up to the next federal election.  He is quite comfortable having those discussions with candidates, and we are quite comfortable leaving that task to him.  Disability doesn’t care what politics individuals have, neither do we.  We’re happy chatting to anybody who has a contribution to make in terms of ideas, funding or connections.  

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A great chat with Kim Prior, candidate for The New Liberals

Yesterday, Gary had a great chat with Kim Prior, The New Liberals candidate for Bonner.

They discussed disability entrepreneurship, the platform, the NDIS and why the dominant approach to disability employment isn’t working.

It was terrific to chat to a politician who seems to ‘get’ the role that the platform can and should be playing nationally.  Gary has already had his first introduction to the parent of a potential member of the platform.

Gary’s working experience and his having friends in low places means he is not intimidated chatting to political candidates, members of parliament, or ministers.  We intend to build upon his level of comfort to widely promote the platform and seek useful connections.