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A man in a powered wheelchair at the foot of a steep concrete staircase

NDIS cost-cutting taskforce told to reduce growth in participants and spending – The Guardian ( Luke Henriques-Gomes | April 2021)

When Labor first introduced the NDIS, it put Australia in an enviable position of the first such national insurance scheme for people who live with a disability.

For many of us, it has been very really a life-changer and opens doors of opportunity.

So it is thoroughly disheartening, but not entirely unexpected, that the Federal Government is looking for ways to wind back the scheme and look for ways to save money…

A black man reviewing analytics on a computer

Platform improvements

As we are working our way through the administrative user interface testing, we have spotted some tweaks from our original ideas to improve the system.

This is all about us building towards starting pilot testing. It is a laborious process, but we have the combined benefits of being nerds and passionate about the potential of this platform. We are looking forward to starting the actual pilot test.

If you know anyone who you think would be a good pilot tester, encourage them to send an email to [email protected]

A woman wearing glasses, with a laptop on her lap and seated in a wheelchair, with her arms spread wide and grinning

Disability employment: An awful reality

Of late, we have shared news stories about both employers seeing the value of engaging staff who live with a disability, as well as people who live with a disability who are enjoying success with an enterprise they have set up. These are things to celebrate and congratulate.

However, that is not the full story. 

Members of the team have heard, and in some cases experienced prejudice and intolerance at work. These can see people unfairly dismissed, bullied or otherwise mistreated…

A woman with an artificial leg, celebrates the day with the words "NEVER GIVE UP" beside her.

Blog posts

We have started writing our first batch of blog posts for members of the platform.

These will provide useful tips, information, comments on the news, information about features of the platform and quirky conversations.

Everyone can see a list of the posts and a preview of the post, only members can see the full text, print, copy or search the library…

A man in a wheelchair bent by grief, consoled by a kneeling carer

Disappointing news

It is with no small amount of disappointment we report that our application for a DSS grant was unsuccessful.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who reached out to their Federal MP about our application.

Even though we are saddened by this news, we are not too despondent. With the money we have already raised and our work behind the scenes, we are able to press ahead with our Pilot Test…

Banner preview of the infographic about disability in Australia and

New infographic about disability in Australia and the platform is extremely fortunate to have as a member of our Advisory Board the terrifically talented @Joe-Anne Kek-Pamenter.

Jo has very generously donated her time to work on infographics, brochures and other graphic material for the platform.

In addition to being incredibly grateful, we think Jo is a great role model, an Australian who lives with a disability who has turned her passion and skill into a business and source of income…

A person in a wheelchair meeting at a table to discuss some papers

A meeting about obtaining DRG status

Next Tuesday the team will be meeting with staff from Minter Ellison. 

This will discuss the platform pursuing obtaining DRG status. 

Minter Ellison is doing this work pro bono as part of the RISE programme coordinated by the Social Impact Hub…

A worker in a wheelchair in a carpenters workshop

A new small grant application

Over the weekend, we lodged an application for a small grant. This is a community grant scheme, offered by the Moreton Bay Regional Council. 

If we were successful, this money would be used to help fund our engagement with Griffith University. The work being done by the University includes developing micro-courses for members of the platform, as well as professional development for our mentors. 

It is only a small grant and success is by no means likely, but the input of funding could be very helpful for the development of the platform and its future.

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Exciting progress

A few pieces of recent exciting news about the platform:

* MS Queensland has agreed to accept Australian donations on our behalf and issue tax receipts;
* Plan Partners (a large NDIS plan management company) has agreed to help us recruit 7 more pilot testers;
* The Griffith Business School will be sending some students our way to do their work experience with us…

A silhouette of a man in a wheelchair beside a lake, fists raised in jubilation

Charitable donations, we are incredibly grateful for the support

Ultimately the plan is for us to pursue DGR status for the platform. That status will enable us to provide Tax Receipts for the donations we receive. Indeed, Minter Ellison is providing us with valuable pro bono legal advice in that regard. 

In the meantime, we are desperately looking at options to fund the full development and the first year of operation of the platform. 

With that in mind, we are incredibly grateful to MS Queensland, who have agreed to accept donations in support of the platform and provide Tax Receipts to the donors…