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Setting up our Communiteer profile

We recently attended the Communiteer Not-for-Profits: Information Session (facilitated by Jayna Huang) explaining the features of the terrific platform for Australians not-for-profit social enterprises and setting up the profile of institutions on that platform.  

Since then, we have been working to put our platform up onto Communiteer.  We have already provided some feedback to the Communiteer team.  We are incredibly excited by the prospects of how Communiteer could complement the operation and the outcomes that will be archived by our platform.  We can seen it being a great way to connect to socially aware corporations and volunteers.  

We will keep our community informed of our progress and will share the links so that you can connect to us and volunteer your expertise and time.   

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Gary’s participation in a journal article about the detection of pressure injuries

In the last couple of weeks, a journal article about the detection of pressure injuries was published by an academic journal (citation below).  Gary participated in the writing of this journal article as a community member co-author.  It discusses some very promising technical developments that could radically improve the early detection of developing pressure injuries.  

As a team, we strongly believe in the power of including in research teams, community members/consumers/patients.  We also believe in the principle that there should not be research about us, without us.  We also believe that there are compelling indications that the impact and value of research is greatly enhanced when the community is involved.

Pressure injuries can occur far too often in hospital and can be associated with using a wheelchair.  A couple of years ago, Gary endured a very serious pressure injury and spent around six weeks in hospital having it repaired and treated.  Consequently, the early detection of pressure injuries is very close to his heart.

Well done Gary!  

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Beyond COVID-19: Will you define the new normal or watch it unfold? – EY (Gautam Jaggi | June 2022)

Given the amount of death and suffering, as well as burden on on essential workers, we have seen, we make this observation carefully, there has been some advantages of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Work from home arrangements often suit the needs of workers with disability and it has demonstrated remote and gig work can get the job done.  The concern is we will snap back and we will discard what we are gained.

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Sidney Myer Foundation

We recently lodged an express of interest in the Sidney Myer Foundation scholarship.  This would buy-out some of Gary’s time from Griffith University and AHRECS.  This is our third attempt at this large philanthropic scholarship.  We know it is highly competitive and so are grateful to be able to apply.  In fact, this is the last year where we will be eligible to apply.  So everyone please send positive thoughts in our direction.

If we are successful,  this will be a massive boost to the platform.  It also means that Gary stops trying to juggle three endeavours to the chagrin of family and friends.  This EOI is part of our ongoing efforts to raise the funds to set up and operate the platform.  If we are unsuccessful, this won’t delay the launch of the platform, but if would make it harder.  

Do you know an Australian with disability?  If so, encourage them to complete the short form below.  If they have any questions, they can reach us at [email protected] or by phoning 0436480769.  We are a not-for-profit service led and guided by Australians with disability.  

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We are delighted to be working with Sukhi Arora

We have been listed as a not-for-profit with the employment service Seek.  This allows us to list volunteering opportunity online with them.  We are incredibly fortunate to have Sukhi Arora volunteering with us.  He has considerable experience in the social enterprise, community service and business spaces.  He is currently assisting with behind the scenes work with Gary.  

The platform is now greatly benefiting from the work of a few volunteers.  We are excited by this contribution and work, which is powering our progress towards launch, which we plan to do formally in December around World Disability Day.  

If you are interested in doing some volunteer work with the platform, send us an email to [email protected]  There are currently several spaces where we are looking for volunteers, everything from experienced business people to serve as mentors for our members through to talented artists to produce cartoon images.  We would be thrilled to hear from you.

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Grant tracking

Thanks to our not-for-profit listing with Connecting Up we have access to a grant tracking board on  We are starting to use it to track our grant applications and much to our excitement recently the use of the monies from our successful applications.   

We currently use to support our operations and planning. It is a great platform that can be customised for an individual’s needs and we highly recommend it. We are so incredibly grateful for the support we have received from Connecting Up, which has provided us with access to free and discounted tech. 

Do you know when Australian with disability who wants to explore generating a bit more money?  Please encourage them to complete the short form below.  Or they can contact us on [email protected] or 0436 480 769 if they have any questions.

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MinterEllison is working on advice on the benefits question

The amazing team at the law firm, MinterEllison has been supporting the platform for some time with pro bono legal advice.  They have been incredibly generous and supportive.  We cannot speak highly enough of their valuable support.  Recently, they have started work to provide us  with expert advice on the benefit question we mentioned recently.

Australians with disabilities on a government pension, benefits or healthcare card might worry that income in one month might impact on their entitlements into the future.  What might be concerning is the inherent changeability in income from a monetised hobby/craft, for gig-based micro-businesses and small businesses.  It can be  hard to predict future income – especially early in an endeavour’s journey.  Our hope is to smooth out some of the peaks and troughs of income over time.

The prospect of benefitting from independent and expert legal advice from a firm with a standing like MinterEllison is incredibly reassuring.

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Wet Writhing and Eldritch Gurgling: A Chat With the Stranger Things Subtitles Team – Vulture (Savannah Salazar | July 2022)

Yes we know this item isn’t obviously about disability entrepreneurship or even obviously about disability employment.  But it is essential your daily and weekly routine includes some time and space to unwind and relax.  One of our guilty pleasure is vegging out in front of a few streaming shows.  One of the great ones is Stranger Things.  So it’s great to read about the team that did the subtitles for the latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix.