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Brunette woman with down syndrome holding thank you paper looking positive and happy standing and smiling with a confident smile showing teeth

ABC pitch and Myer Foundation EOI

During the last few days we submitted a pitch to the ABC for a story about the platform, as part of the public broadcaster’s preparations for World Disability Awareness Day in December.  We also submitted an Expression Of Interest in the incredibly exciting Myer Foundation – a scheme we have applied to before, that we know will be massively competitive.

All pretty speculative, but we know we have to keep ‘swinging the bat’.

We are continuing to receive great community support, which is both welcome and affirming.

An Asian vision impaired woman walking along the street with a stick.

Started work on the ‘Taking things to the next level’ discussion sheet

We have started work on the next discussion sheet which is, Taking things to the next level.

This will cover why it is good practice to aspire to take endeavours to the next level, approaches to planning, suggested progression and drawing upon the good practice of others.

We hope to finish that work in the next few days and we will post an alert once we have uploaded it.

Amputee with legs crossed, detail

When it comes to your business… organic is best

We aren’t talking about farming or food.  Instead, we are talking about followers and customers for your business, as well the community that surrounds your online efforts.

Paid advertising could seem a quick and effort-free way to get big numbers.  In our experience, it is a seductive and misleading trap.  Yes, you may get a surge in numbers but their engagement is likely to be ephemeral and without genuine substance.  Third-party recommendations and endorsements, coupled with a positive reputation, is more likely to generate positive.

Consequently, we recommend our members…

A man and woman talking via sign language

Small Business Idea: Part II – Listing

List your business in The BAZAAR, as a form of free advertising and it gives your endeavour a web presence, without the expense.

So potential customers can engage you for less money and use a low-risk approach to test your services on a gig basis so as to test your potential as a new potential service provider.

While this may feel like a distraction from setting up your business, it is actually a great way to connect with new customers.  It might also provide a way to generate income between big jobs…

A woman with an arm in a sling, meditating in her living room

We have been cheeky and nominated ourselves for a 2021 Australian Access Award

Currently, the Centre for Accessibility is calling for nominations for the 2021 Australian Access Awards.  It is a great award scheme, that has a category for websites of Not-for-profits.

We know it’s very cheeky, but we’ve nominated ourselves.

If we are successful, we figure it could only help with our profile building and quest to raise funds.  We’ve run out of digits to cross and are being nice to every black cat we meet.

Ableism Written On A Wall With Jail Bars Shadow

Exclusion is NOT ok

We have noted with concern news reports about deportations/visa denials because an individual lives with a disability.  So presumably will be a drain on the public purse.  This appears to have been mutely accepted by the mainstream media. 

This is NOT ok. 

Even though the numbers are not as good as North America, the UK and Europe, people who live with a disability are more entrepreneurial than their able-bodied peers.  We have already been meeting with Australians with great money-generating ideas…

Man in a wheelchair training on specialist equipment in the gym.

Quotes to add member levels and free version of the site

Our talented programmers have given us a quote to:

(i) to create three levels of membership (Bronze (free), Silver, and Gold);

(ii) control to limit who can access different areas and what they can do; and

(iii) a tweaked membership form and process.

This will facilitate us offering a free basic service to all Australians who live with a disability, their carers and people with an established connection to disability in Australia…