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Pondering the worst case scenario

In March, we likely will hear the outcome of some of our recent grant and philanthropic funding applications.  Best case scenario, these would cover all of our immediate and first-year funding needs.  Worst case scenario, we would be in a bit of a bleak situation.  The Executive Team have been discussing what to do if we find ourselves in a worst-case situation.

Also in March, the Advisory Board will be meeting and will discuss the financial situation.

We will be keeping our valued community of followers informed about our financial situation and plans…

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We’ve worked out our minimum funding needs

The Executive Team has taken a long and hard look at our minimum funding needs for the credible, robust and sustainable operation of the platform.  The total is $95,200, which doesn’t include some important, but not essential items.

We are stage two for two philanthropic grants and we are just about to apply for a Queensland grant – anyone of which would cover this amount.

If none of them are successful, we will need to consider the contingencies of whether we can operate the platform.

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Are we kidding ourselves: What do you think?

Despite making it past stage one for a few grant/philanthropic grants a couple of times and some modest wins, we’ve come up short a couple of times and are surviving on self-funding and enthusiasm.  Are we guilty of self-delusion/hubris?  Is and the goal of facilitating disability entrepreneurship good ideas?

What do you think?  Let us know by commenting on this post or emailing us at [email protected] or [email protected]

We have a few big results coming up in the next few weeks and  months, but it would be helpful to hear from you.

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Westpac Social Change fellowship – sad news

In the last few days, we learned that our application for a Social Change Fellowship for Gary was unsuccessful.  As you may recall, we previously moved from the first phase to the video submission phase.  It is this stage we did not successfully move beyond.  

This news is disappointing, because it would have provided funds to buy out one day per week for a year of Gary’s time from Griffith University.  It would also have paid for some of the development needs of the platform.  

We will take stock of this and other disappointing news over the coming weeks and decide the best next step.

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Even though we were unsuccessful, we have received some great feedback

During the week, we were notified that our application to The Funding Network pitch event was unsuccessful.  They very kindly offered to provide feedback, which we gratefully accepted.

The feedback related to the amount of money that we would require to set up and the degree to which the opportunity would be attractive to potential contributors by philanthropists.

They were incredibly supportive of the idea underpinning the platform and enquired whether we would be interested in future offerings.  They also offered to give us input on any future applications we might make.  We are incredibly grateful to TFN for this feedback and their offer.

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Preparations for an Advisory Board meeting

We have commenced preparations for a meeting of our Advisory Board.  We are hoping for something around mid to late March 2022.

This will be an important meeting because it will follow our great event with the amazing Janine Shepherd and us having a sense of the outcomes of:

Two large philanthropic applications (Snow Foundation and  Barlow Impact Group);

Gary’s Westpac Fellowship Application;

Our Mable Community Fund application.

The discussion will focus on “what next?” and charting a constructive and sustainable path forward.   This is in the context of two unsuccessful smaller applications have been unsuccessful – both of which had great mentoring and networking components.  So we are bummed to miss them.

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We spoke too soon

I spoke too soon! I just spoke to Mable. We are still in the running. I completely misunderstood an email I had received from them. It will be a few weeks until we hear if we have made it to the next stage.

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We are saddened to report

Unfortunately, this week we were informed our application for a Mable community Grant what is unsuccessful.

This was our third unsuccessful attempt, so it’s time we admitted defeat.  Clearly, the platform is not the kind of project the scheme is looking to fund.  We won’t be trying again.

In the next 3 months, we will be here in the results of a few other applications, hopefully, this is not a portent of things to come of.