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Meeting with our web developer

Today, Gary is meeting with our web developer to confirm our needs for:

1. The membership system (including the automated link to the NDIS)
2. The ‘Ask the Crowd’ internal discussion board
3. The ‘By the Creek’ webinar and event space
4. ‘The BAZAAR’ virtual market place
5. The ‘Ask your Mentor’ web form

Part of this exercise will be confirming the remaining cost to enable (pun definitely intended) the necessary functionality to be produced so we can run a pilot test with 10 Queenslanders.

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Ways in which can help: Webinars

Our plan is every month to organise a topical talk with an interesting speaker.  These sessions will be free for members.  Some may be offered on a one-off fee basis.

The typical structure of these events will be:

A member of the Board will facilitate the session and monitor time and administrative details.

The speaker will have 45minutes for their discussion…

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Potential presenter

Today, Gary invited a potential presenter at a webinar for members.  Gerard Nelson, the Chairman of has set the ambitious goal of trying put on Monthly webinars, to establish a distinct advantage of over other platforms.  The plan is to tee up a range of speakers across an extensive set of topics relating to the needs, goals and interests of members.