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Working on our discussion board

In setting up various components of the platform for our pilot testers, we have found some issues with our internal discussion board.   We are working with our talented web team to iron them out and hope to have them fixed in a week.

The ‘Ask the Tribe’ is so members can ask and answer questions, share tips and share encouragement.  This will be an important component of us creating, nurturing and supporting a community of practice in the Australian disability entrepreneurship  space.

Finding and fixing these glitches it’s exactly why we conducting a pilot test.

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Discussion Board

This week, we completed testing of the internal/peer support discussion board. This is referred to as ‘Ask the Tribe’.

We also created an initial posting to the Board, which includes some prompts for members to make their own posts.

The next stage of testing for this Board is the Pilot Testing of it by our new pilot testers…

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Meeting with our web developer

Today, Gary is meeting with our web developer to confirm our needs for:

1. The membership system (including the automated link to the NDIS)
2. The ‘Ask the Crowd’ internal discussion board
3. The ‘By the Creek’ webinar and event space
4. ‘The BAZAAR’ virtual market place
5. The ‘Ask your Mentor’ web form

Part of this exercise will be confirming the remaining cost to enable (pun definitely intended) the necessary functionality to be produced so we can run a pilot test with 10 Queenslanders.

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Ways in which can help: Ask your Mentor

Members of the platform can decide whether to purchase Mentor Credits.  10h of credits cost $490.  Your credits are used in 15m blocks.

There is a form you can use to send a message to your mentor.

You will be assigned a mentor or mentors when you buy credits.

A crowd of people make up the signs for disability and carer.

Ways in which can help: Ask the tribe

The platform has an internal discussion board which limits how much non-members can see.  Only members can post to the board, create a discussion folder or perform an internal search.


The Board, and the idea of “Asking the Tribe”, is recognising we all have valuable insights and experiences, so collectively we have a powerhouse of knowledge.

So the platform and access to the “Ask the Tribe” discussion board is your superpower.