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How we will support members of the platform

The not-for-profit platform will aim to create, nurture and support a community of practice in the Australian disability entrepreneurship space.  We will support members to establish and operate money-generating endeavours, such as a monetised hobby/craft, a gig-based micro business, or a small business.  The supports the platform will provide will include:

(i) Mentoring;
(ii) An internal peer support discussion board;
(iii) A Resource Library (of existing resources and tailored resources for members);
(iv) Webinars and online events;
(v) Training, including micro-courses through the Griffith Business School;
(vi) A blog and quarterly newsletter; and
(vii) An online marketplace (link to

In short, we aim to provide role models, peer support, resources and training to assist our members to establish and operate a successful and sustainable money-generating endeavour.

Australians who live with a disability for free, as can their carers and other people with an established connection to disability in Australia.  The fees associated with becoming a paid member and getting access to all of our services can be billed to the NDIS or other disability support.

At the moment, this service will be for any Australian who lives with a disability who is aged between 18 and 65.  We are currently considering extending the service to include young people aged 15 to 18.

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Monetising a craft/hobby idea Part III: Ideas and inspiration

In recent months, we have been listing resource items with ideas about how you can monetize a hobby/craft, including ways to turn it into a genuine business or job.

We will continue to list these items in the hopes that they will provide inspiration, tips and ideas to assist our hobbyist members.

If you are a member and have a hobby that you feel have not been addressed by these listings contact us ([email protected]) and we can directly assist you…

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Establishing a gig-based micro business part II: Tapping what you did before

Have you ill health retired from ‘regular’ work because of a progressive or emergent condition, injury, illness, discrimination or because your disability was just making it to0 hard?

But you still have valuable skills, knowledge, insights and a network?

Consider using them to establish a gig-based micro-business, where you provide individual customers components of what you know as a paying gig.  For example, writing the customer a report on a matter within 30 days…

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Tip for members who will be developing a small business

All members of will be entitled to a stall and presence in The BAZAAR.  Perhaps this opportunity seems most relevant to our gigster members, but we suggest it can be very valuable for our small business members as well.

Before you’ve invested time, energy and money in building a website for your business, it provides a free internet presence for your business, which lists your endeavour’s name, work and contact details.

You might also decide to offer some services on a gig basis, at least until you build a revenue stream…

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Idea for a Gig I

One idea for a gig could be listing yourself to assess/judge how disability-friendly a room/venue/service is. As a person who lives with a disability, you are extremely well placed to conduct such an assessment.

As part of the service, you will automatically get a stall in The BAZAAR. You can also list your availability to do such assessments in local Facebook pages and other community news services.

An important component of such a service will be producing a polished and professional report. The platform will provide tips in terms of that kind of work.

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A great phone chat with Jacqueline Cannon of the Boosting the Local Care Workforce Program

This week, Gary had a great Zoom chat with @Jacqueline Cannon of the BLCW Program.  They discussed the goals and operation of the Program and Platform.  They also discussed synergy and opportunities to collaborate.

Jacqueline was very generous with her time and the two of them discussed the NDIS, the pilot test, our Board, our Patron, Griffith University, Fiverr, funding avenues, student work opportunities and promotional videos.

In short, it was a terrific contact and we plan to continue working together.  So watch this space…

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Brain Injury Awareness Month

Our apologies this is late in the month (we will resist the temptation to grumble about how fast the year is going… except I suppose we didn’t hehe), March is Brain Injury Awareness Month.

At we believe disability doesn’t mean inability. 

If you are living with a brain injury, we are here to help. The platform can assist you with…