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Designed a temporary marketing campaign

Currently, two marketing academics from the Griffith Business School are designing a marketing campaign for the platform.  This will be to use the sponsorship from Google.  We will use that Campaign to promote disability entrepreneurship in Australia and how the platform can support Australia’s with disability.

Even though the two academics are doing this on the voluntary basis, we will need to engage a Research Assistant to support them.  While we wait to have the money to do that, we are designing a small comparing ourselves.  We are excited to start promoting the platform and the services we provide.

Do you know when Australian with disability who wants to explore generating a bit more money?  Please encourage them to complete the short form below.  Or they can contact us on [email protected] or 0436 480 769 if they have any questions.

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Gary’s participation in a journal article about the detection of pressure injuries

In the last couple of weeks, a journal article about the detection of pressure injuries was published by an academic journal (citation below).  Gary participated in the writing of this journal article as a community member co-author.  It discusses some very promising technical developments that could radically improve the early detection of developing pressure injuries.  

As a team, we strongly believe in the power of including in research teams, community members/consumers/patients.  We also believe in the principle that there should not be research about us, without us.  We also believe that there are compelling indications that the impact and value of research is greatly enhanced when the community is involved.

Pressure injuries can occur far too often in hospital and can be associated with using a wheelchair.  A couple of years ago, Gary endured a very serious pressure injury and spent around six weeks in hospital having it repaired and treated.  Consequently, the early detection of pressure injuries is very close to his heart.

Well done Gary!  

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Wet Writhing and Eldritch Gurgling: A Chat With the Stranger Things Subtitles Team – Vulture (Savannah Salazar | July 2022)

Yes we know this item isn’t obviously about disability entrepreneurship or even obviously about disability employment.  But it is essential your daily and weekly routine includes some time and space to unwind and relax.  One of our guilty pleasure is vegging out in front of a few streaming shows.  One of the great ones is Stranger Things.  So it’s great to read about the team that did the subtitles for the latest season of Stranger Things on Netflix.  

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Griffith University Alumni interview

Gary was recently interviewed by Griffith University’s Alumni team. They discussed disability entrepreneurship, the platform, the collaboration with Griffith University, the future of the platform and how Alumni could become involved in the platform on a voluntary basis.  It was a great discussion and a terrific write up.

Gary Allen
Supporting disability needs. Griffith alumnus sought to boost new national disability entrepreneurship service
We are looking for experienced business and other people who would be willing to mentor a member of the platform.  Mentoring a person requires about two hours per month.  Assisting and supporting an Australian with disability to pursue their entrepreneurial potential and hopes can be incredibly rewarding in a very positive way to make a real contribution to individuals, their families and communities. Contact Gary ([email protected]) to find out more and get involved.

Do you know when Australian with disability who wants to explore generating a bit more money?  Please encourage them to complete the short form below.  Or they can contact us on [email protected] or 0436 480 769 if they have any questions.

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Online Typism summit

Are you a digital designer, illustrator, typographer, calligrapher or letting artist? Or maybe this is something you’d like to explore, but don’t know where to start!

We have good news for you!

The Typism Summit will be held virtually this year, and the best part is it’s FREE to attend!

This year’s summit incorporates a series of informative and accessible pre-recorded videos by leaders in the industry, who share a range of tips and tricks.

Find out more here and register for your free ticket:

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A very sad day: Bob’s funeral

Today is an incredibly sad day, it is the funeral of our CEO’s stepdad, Bob Smith.  He has been a great friend and role model.  He was also an enthusiastic fan of this platform.  Generous, thoughtful and a true gentleman, in the best sense of the term.  Bob will be dearly missed by his wife, family and friends.  His life was a life well-lived but Bob you are gone too soon.

Bob shared Gary’s love of fantasy and science fiction.  Gary attributes his work ethic and belief in the transformative value of work in its various forms to Bob.  

Needless to say, Gary won’t be working today.  But as we have reported recently, we have been able to automate and preschedule some tasks – such as posts to the newsfeed, the Resource Library and to social media.

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Employment Symposium hosted by Blind Citizens Australia (BCA)

The platform is delighted to share this update about an upcoming employment event for women who are visually impaired. It looks like it’s going to be an excellent event and a great profile of the tremendous contribution Australians with disability can make to the wider community and the economy.