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The Side-Hustle Effect: Meet those running successful side gigs (and find out how to join them) – Startups (Helena Young | April 2022)

The platform will assist members to establish three different kinds of money-generating endeavours.  One of these is a gig-based micro-business.  Such a type of endeavour can be a great way to generate a little income, without the need for high expenses.  This item was written for the UK but it contains a number of useful ideas and tips that can be applied to the Australian context.  We have included a link for you to register your interest in joining the platform.

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References for our recent student interns

During the last couple of weeks, we have provided verbal references for our two recent student interns (Kianna Lowe and Gabrielle Wilson).  We were very happy to do so because they did such excellent work for us, both have a great work ethic and definitely ‘value-added’ in their time with us.

We wish them well for the future and thank them for the contribution they made to the platform.

Our participation in the internship program conducted by Griffith Business School was simply excellent and we recommend all Queensland social enterprises think about ways in which to engage with them.  Given our connection to Griffith University, we were thrilled to be able to offer authentic work experience to two students and benefit from their input.

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How we will support members of the platform

The not-for-profit platform will aim to create, nurture and support a community of practice in the Australian disability entrepreneurship space.  We will support members to establish and operate money-generating endeavours, such as a monetised hobby/craft, a gig-based micro business, or a small business.  The supports the platform will provide will include:

(i) Mentoring;
(ii) An internal peer support discussion board;
(iii) A Resource Library (of existing resources and tailored resources for members);
(iv) Webinars and online events;
(v) Training, including micro-courses through the Griffith Business School;
(vi) A blog and quarterly newsletter; and
(vii) An online marketplace (link to

In short, we aim to provide role models, peer support, resources and training to assist our members to establish and operate a successful and sustainable money-generating endeavour.

Australians who live with a disability for free, as can their carers and other people with an established connection to disability in Australia.  The fees associated with becoming a paid member and getting access to all of our services can be billed to the NDIS or other disability support.

At the moment, this service will be for any Australian who lives with a disability who is aged between 18 and 65.  We are currently considering extending the service to include young people aged 15 to 18.

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The next steps toward NDIA registration – Thanks, Gabrielle!

As part of our journey towards NDIA registration, we asked GBS student, Gabrielle Wilson, to first write us a report about the requirements (her report was excellent) and look at what we already had and what we still need (her summary was great and encouraging).

Thanks, Gabrielle! We wish you well for the conclusion of your studies and for your future career.  Your contribution to the future of the platform was stellar.  Please feel free to list us as a referee for future job applications.

 We now have the basis for a couple of student interns.  Here’s hoping we can entice two more great student’s from GBS.

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Interviewed for another podcast

This week, Gary was interviewed for an NDIS podcast show, it was an opportunity for Gary to reflect on the platform’s journey, the NDIS and his disability.  It was a terrific and energising chat.  Fiona Stutz seemed happy with it as well.

Fiona will also be interviewing the incredibly talented, Joe-Anne Kek-Pamenter.  Jo is a member of our Advisory Board, is hearing impaired and is an experienced freelancer.  She has also been doing some superb design work for us.

This has been a great opportunity to promote the platform.

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Subscription based websites

You may have noticed over the last few days as well as the last few weeks before that we have been linking to some pages that require a subscription to access the full text.  We try to do so sparingly and the content has all been extremely good.  The recent sites have been WIRED and Medium.  

If you have an NDIS plan or other regulated form of support, we suggest with a little work, you should be able to charge the subscription fee to your plan.  The key thing is to focus on the amount of content that relates to disability, assisted technology and social engagement.  By describing having access to the articles would mean you will be able to read essential content specifically of value to a person who lives with a disability, you really should be able to do this.  

This is once again a good example of how you describe things, the words you choose, will give you the best possible chances of success.