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Do you know an Australian with disability with an idea?

Do you know an Australian who lives with a disability who has a money-generating idea or hopes to supplement their income?  Fantastic!  The platform will be thrilled to hear from them and to support them.  Regardless of whether they want to monetise a hobby/craft, establish a gig-based mico-business or a small business.

We can support them wherever they are on their journey, including if their idea isn’t fully developed yet.  We provide mentoring, peer support, a resource library, a blog, webinars, education (in collaboration with Griffith University) and a marketplace (linked to  The service can be billed to the NDIS or paid by other flexible means.

Encourage them to complete the short form below.  They can contact us by emailing [email protected] or phoning 0436 480 769 if they have any questions.  We would be delighted to speak with them.

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Designed a temporary marketing campaign

Currently, two marketing academics from the Griffith Business School are designing a marketing campaign for the platform.  This will be to use the sponsorship from Google.  We will use that Campaign to promote disability entrepreneurship in Australia and how the platform can support Australia’s with disability.

Even though the two academics are doing this on the voluntary basis, we will need to engage a Research Assistant to support them.  While we wait to have the money to do that, we are designing a small comparing ourselves.  We are excited to start promoting the platform and the services we provide.

Do you know when Australian with disability who wants to explore generating a bit more money?  Please encourage them to complete the short form below.  Or they can contact us on [email protected] or 0436 480 769 if they have any questions.

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What Is the Gig Economy and How Will It Change the Future of Work? – yahoo!life (March 2022)

The growth and why acceptance of gig work offers some interesting and potentially useful work opportunities for Australians with disability.  Conducting gig work allows individuals to structure their work hours, tasks, role and set up to meet the needs of their disability, their aspirations and potential.  The platform can assist members to set up a gif-based micro-business and operate it successfully, sustainably and in a robust manner. Contact us at [email protected] or phone us on 0436 480 769 to discuss how we can assist you.  

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MinterEllison is working on advice on the benefits question

The amazing team at the law firm, MinterEllison has been supporting the platform for some time with pro bono legal advice.  They have been incredibly generous and supportive.  We cannot speak highly enough of their valuable support.  Recently, they have started work to provide us  with expert advice on the benefit question we mentioned recently.

Australians with disabilities on a government pension, benefits or healthcare card might worry that income in one month might impact on their entitlements into the future.  What might be concerning is the inherent changeability in income from a monetised hobby/craft, for gig-based micro-businesses and small businesses.  It can be  hard to predict future income – especially early in an endeavour’s journey.  Our hope is to smooth out some of the peaks and troughs of income over time.

The prospect of benefitting from independent and expert legal advice from a firm with a standing like MinterEllison is incredibly reassuring.

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Changing how you think about generating income

For most of us, having to retire from ‘regular work’ means that we will need to change how we think about generating income.  This is also true for people with longterm disabilities who have not been able to engage and remain employed in the Australia workforce.

In the case of ‘regular work’, most of us strive to secure a job that will pay the bills, be rewarding and is respectful/safe. Reality is that many of us will not be able to secure enough income from one source to cover all of our needs.  Instead, we need to be prepared to compile a suite of income sources to get us what we need. Hopefully, all of them should address the respect, dignity and enjoyment criteria.

Our goal is to build and grow a resource library that will assist members to identify and pursue for themselves useful and realistic for their disabilities and capacity.  With the blog and mentoring, we hope to support members to maximise the money they earn from their endeavours.

‘Passion economy’ is the new buzzword that’s shaping the future of work – ThePrint (Utkarsh Amitabh | February 2022)

We have previously posted an item with the admonishment not to pursue your passion as a career.  That notwithstanding, we agree with this item, a really good step being taken by some people who lost their jobs to the pandemic is to set up an endeavour that aligns with your passion.  For Australians with disability, we strongly suggest that your money-generating endeavour is something that you enjoy doing and something that you’re curious about. is here to support you to pursue that passion.  

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Disability entrepreneurship and benefits

We are extremely fortunate to be receiving pro bono legal advice from MinterEllison, an amazing and generous legal firm.  Based on our experience with the pilot test, we are currently seeking their advice on the ways in which we can legally help members avoid the worry of how their money-generating endeavour will impact their pension or other benefits.

The reality is the income from a monetised hobby, a gig-based micro-business or a small business can be inconsistent and unpredictable.  The fact that someone earns a certain amount in one month does not mean that they will earn the same amount in subsequent months.  We don’t want this to be a disincentive from establishing and operating a new endeavour.

We will keep this community informed of how this discussion goes and if we have a solution for members who are concerned about their benefits.

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The rise of the gig economy amid the pandemic and its future for tech enterprises – Yourstory (Shresth Shrivastav | February 2022)

The reality is that for many Australians with disability, gig work may be the only way to generate an income.  The freedom to shape the workplace, hours, role and projects can be essential to deal with the realities of a condition and to pursue an individual’s goals and potential.  Assisting with the establishment and operation of a gig-based micro-business is one of the ways the platform will assist members.