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A pair of scissors cut the words I can not. concept believable. cuts the word un. I can, goal achievement, possible, potential, real overcoming. unpossible is believable.

Social Enterprise Development Grant

We have lodged an application for this Queensland government grant.  It is a medium-sized grant that would be incredibly helpful for the rollout of the platform as a national-not-for profit business incubator for Australians who live with a disability.

We are conscious that we are a bit of a disruptor of the usual approach to disability employment. We also know there will be a huge number of other applications, so we’re keeping our hopes in check.  We are a plucky start-up social enterprise and know only too well how hard it is to raise essential funding.

Know an Australian with a disability who wants to monetise a hobby/craft, start making money doing gig work or establish a small business?  Encourage them to complete the short form below.  Or they can reach us at [email protected] or by phoning 0436 480 769 if they have any questions.

Two rows of diverse people living with a variety of disabilities

Disability Reporting Handbook Launch

Yesterday, Gary attended an excellent online event launching the new Disability Reporting Handbook.  Joe-Anne Kek-Pamenter from the platform’s Advisory Board did graphic work for the Handbook.

It is a terrific resource intended to inform respectful media reporting about Australians who live with a disability.  This is a matter of respect, dignity, justice and inclusion.  There are some great stories to tell from the disability entrepreneurship space, but we need the media reporting to be respectful and understanding, with empathy.

This resource was very much based upon the principle that you shouldn’t be speaking about us, WITHOUT US.

Great work @Joe-Anne Kek-Pamenter!  We are so incredibly grateful to have you as a member of the Board and sharing your talent in helping us design material.

Young Man sitting on a wheelchair looks back after be called

Exciting meetings

Thrilled to share that since 10 am Thursday and for the next 6 hours we will be:

(i) Conducting two in-person induction meetings with pilot testers;

(ii) Getting our collaborators together to discuss two big grant applications we are currently working on; and

(iii) Conducting an advisory Board meeting…

A man in a wheelchair on a video call

Meeting with Andrew and Ange of Social Scaffolding

On Friday afternoon, Gary met with Andrew and Ange of Social Scaffolding, we discussed our areas of interest, our mutual passion (the psychological benefits of someone earning from their endeavours) and potential for collaboration and the value of hosting a free panel event about disability entrepreneurship.

Keep an eye on this feed for details.

We are quite excited about the possibilities of collaboration.

Silhouette of a guy on a wheelchair greets the dawn with raised arms

Tomorrow’s event about entrepreneurship and the NDIS

Tomorrow, board member Mathew Townsend will be facilitating an event about using an NDIS plan to support entrepreneurial endeavours (  This isn’t an event, but we support the activity and congratulate Matthew for this effort.  We hope to see you there!