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Silhouette team business helps to systematically patience hard work and the pressure to reach the finish line

Meeting with pilot testers

In the days and weeks ahead, we plan to catch up with our pilot testers to see they are coming along with the activities we discussed (we found each tester needed to do slightly different things to get the ball rolling for setting up their money-generating endeavour).

We have already been learning valuable insights for the future of the platform and our mentoring of members.  Which is, after all, the reason we are conducting the pilot test.

This is building our confidence to think of launching the platform as a paid service.  We will reflect on whether we need to raise additional funds and conduct additional work (such as developing the online business courses) prior to launching.

A silhouette of a man with an artificial leg backlit by a dramatic dawn.

Monthly Blog

Yesterday, we produced the first edition of our monthly blog posts. This edition was to welcome our pilot testers. 

Members of the platform will receive new editions every month. This will be a combination of content produced by members of the Advisory Board and guests. This will cover important, interesting, and inspiring topics relating to disability entrepreneurial topics. 

If you know an Australian who lives with a disability, who you think might be interested in the platform, encourage them to email us at [email protected] or phone us on 0436 480 769…

A graphic about the elements of strong mutually beneficial collaboration.

A great phone chat with Jacqueline Cannon of the Boosting the Local Care Workforce Program

This week, Gary had a great Zoom chat with @Jacqueline Cannon of the BLCW Program.  They discussed the goals and operation of the Program and Platform.  They also discussed synergy and opportunities to collaborate.

Jacqueline was very generous with her time and the two of them discussed the NDIS, the pilot test, our Board, our Patron, Griffith University, Fiverr, funding avenues, student work opportunities and promotional videos.

In short, it was a terrific contact and we plan to continue working together.  So watch this space…

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A new video

This one introduces the kind of help we will be offering to Australians who live with a disability and the kind of services we will provide.

We think the animator did a great job, we hope you agree. We are pondering having the same female voiceover professional do the speaking for this video. We would welcome hearing your input.

A woman wearing a hijab in a wheelchair talking on a mobile phone

A set of icons

Further to our previous post, our animator has provided us with a set of twelve icons for the platform.

These will be used for the three animations currently under development, as well as in our upcoming infographics and across our website.

The website changes will be made at the same time we post the animations.

A sight impaired man using voice control on his smartphone.

Great icons

As part of the work by our animators, for the next three animations, they have been producing a collection of icons. The icons relate to our areas of practice and the sections and services of the platform.

They have been doing a great job. For example, pictured here is the icon relating to Monetising a Hobby/Craft.

These images will appear in the animations, but will also be included in the infographics that are currently being produced for us and will be used on the website…

An industrial picture of a director using his hands to frame a view

Meeting with our web developer

Today, Gary is meeting with our web developer to confirm our needs for:

1. The membership system (including the automated link to the NDIS)
2. The ‘Ask the Crowd’ internal discussion board
3. The ‘By the Creek’ webinar and event space
4. ‘The BAZAAR’ virtual market place
5. The ‘Ask your Mentor’ web form

Part of this exercise will be confirming the remaining cost to enable (pun definitely intended) the necessary functionality to be produced so we can run a pilot test with 10 Queenslanders.

A black hand holds up a blue jigsaw piece with a white disability icon

Ways in which can help: Webinars

Our plan is every month to organise a topical talk with an interesting speaker.  These sessions will be free for members.  Some may be offered on a one-off fee basis.

The typical structure of these events will be:

A member of the Board will facilitate the session and monitor time and administrative details.

The speaker will have 45minutes for their discussion…