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Is there an issue you would like to see discussed?

Are you an Australian with a disability?  Do you have a question about disability entrepreneurship, establishing a money-generating endeavour or a question about the platform?  We would be thrilled to hear from you and will endeavour to address your question in a blog post or in this newsfeed.  

The whole point of the platform is to assist Australians with disabilities to establish and operate a money-generating endeavour (or a suite of income sources).  So we would value hearing form you to help us ensure that we are providing the information and advice our member community wants and needs.  

We now have a few volunteer blog post writers who will assist us with the writing of the requested blog posts.   

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Our student interns and our next Executive Team meeting

The development work for the platform is supported by two great students from the Griffith Business School who are undertaking important tasks for us:

(i) @Kianna Lowe – Kianna has been recently reviewing our discussion sheets, drafting some new ones and identifying some people who might be useful webinar speakers or blog post authors; and

(ii) @Gabrielle Wilson – Gabrielle has been writing a report on what we will need to do to secure NDIA registration.

Our Executive Team (CEO Dr Gary Allen and Chairperson Gerard Nelson) will next be meeting on Friday 7 July.  Kianna and Gabrielle will be attending this meeting.

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Intrigued by a recent resource item?

Have you been interested in a resource item that we have recently posted to our resource library?  Are you an Australian who lives with a disability?  Or are you a carer of a disabled Australian?  Or do you have an established interest in disability in Australia?

If so, you are probably eligible to join the platform for free as a Bronze member.  As a Bronze member of the platform you will be able to access most of the resource items in our library.

A link to a form you can complete to register your interest in becoming a Bronze member is below.  If you have any questions about Bronze membership contact us at [email protected] or phone us at 0436 480 769.

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Monthly Blog

Yesterday, we produced the first edition of our monthly blog posts. This edition was to welcome our pilot testers. 

Members of the platform will receive new editions every month. This will be a combination of content produced by members of the Advisory Board and guests. This will cover important, interesting, and inspiring topics relating to disability entrepreneurial topics. 

If you know an Australian who lives with a disability, who you think might be interested in the platform, encourage them to email us at [email protected] or phone us on 0436 480 769…

Cartoon image of a man wearing a billowing cape, powering forward on a powered wheelchair

Launching into action

Have decided to start a modified pilot test, we have furiously thrown ourselves into the following work.

1. Tidying up a component of the resource and discussion sheets;
2. Organising our next six blog posts;
3. Updating our booked webinar speakers;
4. Updating our booked mentors and supporters; and
5. Updating our GBS and THC friends/colleagues/supporters…

A group of happy students in a study space in a library

Students doing prac with us

We are thrilled to report that doing a work placement with the platform is now listed on the Griffith University Work Integrated Learning board. 

Students will be able to participate in activity in the policy and resource drafting, activity related to fundraising and assisting us with our monthly webinars and blog posts. 

Gary has been employed in the tertiary sector since 1997, so it shouldn’t be a surprise he was enthusiastic about this idea. We are delighted because there might be a few jobs that Gary isn’t trying to do on his own…

A woman with an artificial leg, celebrates the day with the words "NEVER GIVE UP" beside her.

Blog posts

We have started writing our first batch of blog posts for members of the platform.

These will provide useful tips, information, comments on the news, information about features of the platform and quirky conversations.

Everyone can see a list of the posts and a preview of the post, only members can see the full text, print, copy or search the library…