World Disability Day – 3 December

Graphic for world Disability Day

Today is World Disability Day.  If you live with a disability… HUZZAH! we are awesome, this is our day and you deserve a treat.  We hope to be able to welcome you into the community.

Graphic for world Disability DayIf you are in a position to do so, please chip in to help with the build of this platform.  Even $10 could be extremely helpful.  Gary turns 50 in a little over a week and he’d be thrilled if you would make a contribution.

Please see if you can get your network to make a contribution.  Perhaps be cheeky and ask you Federal, State and local political representative to chip in.

Enough people making small contributions will get us there.  It also lets us know we aren’t deluded, other people think is a good idea and are prepared to help make it a reality.
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