Why we need a Disney princess with a disability – ABC EVERYDAY (Hannah Diviney | March 2021)

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I was three years old when I first figured out I was different from other kids.

The realisation hit me square in the middle of my tiny chest during an otherwise normal lunch at day care.

Seated around a table, I watched as my best friend back then finished her lunch and stood up easily, ready to go and play. I tried to follow her, confused when my body remained still. What was going on? I knew what I wanted to do, and it had looked simple enough, so why couldn’t I do it?

The answer was that I had cerebral palsy, something I was born with and would have forever. That moment at day care was simply the first time I was actually aware there were things my body couldn’t do that others could.

That awareness and confusion had just never happened to me before, I suppose because I was too young for it to register. But it changed everything and from then on, I’ve never been anything but painfully aware of it.

My next question was simple: were there other people like me?

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Well done Hannah! We have included here a link to her earlier petition. You may also be interested in these cartoons with characters who live with a disability. https://disabilityhorizons.com/2019/05/10-animation-and-kids-characters-with-disabilities/ https://evangelicalfocus.com/the-additional-needs-blogfather/6084/just-keep-swimming-disabled-characters-in-disney-pixar-films

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