Our first EOI

Two guys, who live with disabilities, meeting at a table

We are excited to report that over the weekend we received our first Expression of Interest from a potential member of the platform.

The fact that we’ve received this EOI before we’ve actually advertised, is pretty thrilling.

If you know a Queenslander who lives with a disability who may be interested in Enabled.vip, ask them to email [email protected] to express their interest.

The platform will assist members to:

(i) monetise a hobby/craft;

(ii) establish a gig-based micro-business; or

(iii) establish a small business.

Our hope is that by the end of six months, the client will have made substantial progress towards establishing their endeavour.

Because we are conducting a pilot program, we will not be charging our ten testers for their membership during the first six months.

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