I was perfect for the job, but I couldn’t even get into the building. Here’s why – ABC News (Emma Myers | March 2021)

An empty wheelchair at the foot of a steep flight of concrete stairs
In the space of a handful of paragraphs, this account moved us through horror, fury and dismay.  It eloquently demonstrates the point that Australians who live with a disability are not only capable of getting the work done, they can desirable skills, experience and attributes. Instead, they are isolated and disrespected by thoughtlessness and ignorance.  That's why, to a relatively higher proportion than their able-bodied peers, people who live with a disability in North America, the UK and Europe start and operate their own enterprise. We want to help Australians who live with a disability to do the same. Do you know someone who might be interested?  Encourage them to complete the short form at: https://enabled.vip/login-register/

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