Gary’s Dignity Project interview

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The interview by the Dignity Project is now live. Gary spoke about the platform, the pilot, disability entrepreneurship and dignity.

It has been estimated that 4.4 million Australians live with disability, 2.1 million of whom are of working age (Australian Network on Disability 2020). However, research by the Productivity Commission has found that people with disability are among the most disadvantaged in Australia (Productivity Commission 2011), with low participation rates resulting in reduced income.

The full interview is available from the Dignity Project website.  You will need to join the Dignity Project to view the interview.  We highly recommend all of our followers join the Dignity Project anyway.  Their work is commendable and worth supporting.

Statistics tell us that 45% of people with disability live on, or near the poverty line (PricewaterhouseCoopers 2011) and that 95% of working-age people with disability who are unemployed or not currently in the labour force are finding it difficult to find appropriate work for a variety of reasons, including unavailability of workplace adjustments and sadly, discrimination.

The Dignity Project team sat down with Dr Gary Allen, CEO of to discuss employment for people with disability.

You are a very passionate spokesperson for equity, diversity and advocating for equal opportunities in employment. Do you have any early experiences that shaped your drive to help others and work in this area?

I am a self-confessed workaholic and I have realised how much self-satisfaction and affirmation I get from operating my for-profit company. Having looked at uses of the Patreon platform, I have realised how it could be used to monetise a hobby or craft. As my own disability has progressed, I have been thinking of how I can continue to do gig-based work after I’ve had to give ‘normal’ work away. So, from that perspective, I have a very personal insight into how somebody who lives with a disability could continue to contribute and hopefully make a little money.–
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