Facebook news ban hits emergency services and government health departments – Sydney Morning Herald (Josh Dye and Amelia McGuire | February 2021)

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Dozens of major health, corporate, sporting and charity Facebook pages have been blocked after being caught up in the social media giant’s decision to ban news publishers in response to the Morrison government’s proposed media bargaining laws.

What is forgotten in all the posturing between the politicians, the Murdoch press and big tech, is the harm caused to Australians who live with a disability and people living with a chronic medical condition. We are not and our critical needs are not footballs in their silly games.

The Queensland, South Australian and ACT Health Facebook pages were wiped, leaving Facebook users without access to local health information about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Large corporations, charities and peak sporting bodies were also affected by the tech titan’s decision.

Major emergency services including the Bureau of Meteorology and Fire and Rescue NSW headline the government agencies that were caught up in Facebook’s move.

But an uneven spread of pages were blocked and still live.

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