Engagement with Griffith University students

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We have been busily setting up connections between the platform and Griffith University.

A PhD candidate based in THC is working with us. We are catching up with her next week to agree on some work projects. In practice, this is likely to be a combination of study time plus research assistant time.

We are also, as part of our connection with the Griffith Business School, will be hosting some undergraduate students as part of the Work Integrated Learning programme. Again we’ll need to settle on the exact projects they will be working on.

From Enabled.vip’s perspective, this has the advantage of embedding academic and research smarts into the operation of the platform. Obviously, from the University’s perspective, these activities bring real work experience to the studies of the students.

Griffith University has a clear commitment to disability entrepreneurship and the positive impact we could have on the lives of Australians who live with a disability.

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