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Image of a fact sheet about disability and AustraliaA sobering summary about disability, income and entrepreneurship in Australia.

This information captures perfectly the factors that inspired us to work on setting up Enabled.vip.

This includes some surprising numbers, as well as the source where we found them.

Not included here is the surprising information that elsewhere in the world (e.g. North America, the UK and Europe), people living with a disability are more entrepreneurial than their able-bodied peers.

This reflects discrimination and the degree to which working for yourself allows you to structure your workplace and activities to accommodate your needs and get the best out of your capabilities.

The same is not true in Australia. People living with disabilities often point to the lack of information, peer support and resources. The Enabled.vip platform aims to address this need with a not-for-profit service to support Australians who live with a disability to pursue their ideas and dreams.

Please feel free to discuss in your networks and talk about this planned disability not-for-profit service.

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