Contingency plans and GoFundMe campaign

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We need to make contingency plans, just in case none of our grant applications are successful.

It is an awful and bewildering prospect, but we need a contingency plan, just in case.  We are absolutely certain of the positive impact this platform could have on the lives of Australians who live with a disability.

We keep being told how innovative and positive the idea is, so we take hope that we are not deluding ourselves with our conviction.

Our recent GoFundMe campaign raised about AUD100 less than we’d need to run the pilot without any grants.  You can access the campaign here –

Can you urge your network to chip in $10?

For many people, $10 isn’t too much of a hardship, but if we can raise $100 it could make all the difference to our capacity to conduct a successful pilot test with 10 Queenslanders.

Just a reminder will be a not-for-profit platform.  We won’t be charging our pilot testers the ordinary fees.  We hope at the end of six-month membership clients will have completed, or made significant progress toward:

(i) monetising a hobby/craft;

(ii) establishing a gig-based home micro business; or

(iii) establishing a small business.
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