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A man in a wheelchair celebrating on a lakeshore

While we still lick our wounds about our failed Gaming Benefit Fund grant, we have some more positive news:

  1. The input of funds we mentioned, was a contribution of $25,000 from the generous folk at Fiverr.com.  This is enabling us to finish the backend programming and produce a short animation inspired by our logo.
  2. Talking of the animation, Gary signed off on the storyboard, the style, colour palate and timings of the slides this week;
  3. @Miriam Redding a Logan City business woman who lives with a disability and @Joe-Anne  Kek-Pamenter joined our Board; and
  4. It looks like we will be eligible for a Logan City grant of up to $10,000, which would pay for some engagement with Griffith University and cover some back-end expenses.
  5. We’re making progress toward appointing another Griffith University academic to the Board

This meas we are on track to commence our pilot test in January 2021.

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